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Teaching Parables: The Wedding Feast and the Great Banquet

Teaching Preschoolers God’s Truth about Hard Issues

Making Goals for Your Youth Ministry

Teaching Parables: The Rich Fool

Teaching Parables: Teaching the Rich Man and Lazarus

VBS Volunteers Who Make a Lifelong Impact

Supporting Youth Who Have Non-Christian Parents

Effective Youth Ministry Is Personal

Five Roles of the Church Youth Leader

Teaching Parables: The Laborers in the Vineyard

Summer Ministry Ideas for Children, Youth, and Families

Summer Sunday School Evangelism Opportunities

An Invitation to a Lifetime with Christ

Teaching Parables: The Wedding Garment

Find and Keep the Right Volunteers for VBS

Ending the School Year Well

4 Things Your Youth Ministry Needs to Have

Ten Ways to Encourage Intergenerational Faith Development

Faith Development in Adulthood

Faith Development in High School

Faith Development in Middle School

Faith Development in Upper Elementary Students

Free Easter Children’s Message: The Empty Egg

Faith Development in Early Elementary Students

Faith Development in Early Childhood

Faith Development in Toddlers

Teaching Parables: The Lost Sheep

Teaching Contrasts to Children Using Biblical Examples

Teaching Parables: Three Levels of the Good Samaritan

Take-Home Sheets: Equipping Parents to Reinforce Children’s Ministry

Teaching Parables: The Barren Fig Tree

How to Answer Kids’ Hard Questions about the Faith

Teaching Parables: Build Your House on the Rock

Activities for Teaching Advent Hymns to Children

Intentional Advent Celebrations with Families

Advent is coming! Advent is coming!

Thanksgiving Lesson Plans That Teach about God’s Overflowing Gifts

A Thanksgiving Experiment

Reusing and Reinforcing VBS Lessons throughout the Year

Thanking God for Preschool Leaders!

Teaching Thanksgiving through Jesus’ Example

Simple Activities to Teach Children about Luther’s Rose

Making the Reformation Meaningful for Sunday School Students

Growing As a Sunday School Leader

Teaching Tools to Help Children Learn How to Pray

Six Activities to Teach Kids about the Reformation

The Importance of Jesus Time

How to Teach Children about Vocation

Why Routine Matters in Your Children's Ministry Program

How to Connect VBS with Your Fall Children's Ministry

Maximizing Your Impact throughout the Week

Keeping Middle School Youth Involved after VBS

Cultivating family faith talk

Sharing the powerful lessons of Joseph and His Brothers

Make Bible stories come alive! Use theater!

Teaching the Freedom We Have Through Jesus

Sharing the Gospel through Mission Madagascar

Interview with CPH's 2018 VBS Interns

Tips for Teaching Hymns and Songs to Kids

Extending a Personal Thank You to VBS Volunteers

5 Steps to Navigate VBS Feedback

3 Ways to Connect with VBS Parents

Why is Baptism So Important?

Five Lessons I Learned from Splash Canyon VBS

Ending on Purpose

Talking about VBS Lessons at Home

Simple Activities to Use During VBS Transition Times

Join Us for VBS 2019 at Miraculous Mission

Inspire Wonder with VBS Decorations

The Why of Children's Ministry

Bringing Jesus' Parables to Life

Preparing to be a VBS Site Leader

Extending VBS throughout the Summer

Building a Child-Protection Policy for VBS

Youth and Adult Bible Study Ideas for Splash Canyon

How Can I Teach that Jesus is Still with Us After Ascension?

Connecting Crafts with the Mission of VBS

Streamline VBS Planning with Technology Tools

Encouraging and Involving Parents

Techniques for Regaining Kids' Attention

4 Ideas to Teach Kids about Easter

Easter Activity Ideas for Your Children's Ministry

Seeing Joy in Lent?

How to Find Super Leaders for VBS

Praying for and with Children

Three Tips for Easy Sunday School Teacher Prep

VBS Decorations on a Dime

Preparing Youth to Volunteer for VBS

Experience the Passion Story with Journey to the Cross

4 Ways to Teach Kids about Lent

Ideas for a Family Sunday School Event

Helping Kids Understand God's Kind of Love

Capturing Kids' Attention in Bible Lessons

4 Steps to Set Your VBS Budget

Equipping Kids to Share Christ

Motivate your children's ministry volunteers with TIES

Create Buzz around Your Church's 2018 VBS Program

Enrich Sunday School with Arch Books

3 Steps to Start VBS Planning

Teaching Epiphany in Sunday School

Focusing on the Message of Epiphany

Ideas to Help Students Focus on Christ through the Year

Creating Christ-Centered Christmas Family Traditions

Giving Thanks in the Advent Season

Practical Suggestions for Teaching Children at Church

How Can You Bring Christmas Alive for Kids?

Are There Any Sins That God Cannot Forgive?

Interactive Splash Canyon VBS Catalog

6 Family-Friendly Advent Ideas

Bible Stories at Splash Canyon VBS

How Can I Teach the Importance of Advent in My Sunday School Class?

5 Tips for Praising Kids’ Behavior

Ideas for a Thanksgiving Celebration Feast!

How to Address Different Skill Levels in Your Sunday School Class

Simple Ways to Help Kids Give Thanks

Strengthening Relationships with Families at Your Church

I Didn't Know Our Sunday School Had . . . Opening Options

Downloadable Reformation Activities for Children's Ministry

Ideas for Celebrating the Reformation

3 Easy Ways to Share the Gospel with Kids

Searching for VBS Crafts and Snacks on Social Media

Tune In to Splash Canyon Music

Spreading the Gospel through Spanish and Bilingual VBS

Teaching the Catechism for Grades 1-4

The Importance of a Spiritual Mentor

Creative VBS Fundraiser Ideas

Teaching the Difference Between Redemption and Salvation

Create a communications plan to follow up with VBS visitors

Experiencing Joy in a Dry Season

Welcoming Sunday School Visitors

Sharing God's Mighty Word: 2017 Mission Project Update

4 Sunday School Teacher Must-Reads

How to Mix-and-Match Sunday School

Prepare for your Reformation celebration with Truth Be Told

How to Use Cross Explorations in Sunday School (and Beyond)

Lessons Learned: Volunteer Recruitment and Training Tips

Build on VBS momentum all year long

I Didn't Know Our Sunday School Had . . . Rally Day

4 Ways to Reuse VBS Decorations

How Good Is Your Curriculum? (Part 2)

How Good Is Your Curriculum? (Part 1)

Life as a CPH VBS Intern

Choosing Sunday School Music

Planning for Fall Sunday School Kickoff

Sneak Peek: Splash Canyon Crafts and Snacks

A Sunday School Checkup

Evaluate the Success of VBS

Help! I Need to Recruit Volunteers!

Ease the Pre-VBS Jitters

Adults with Special Needs — Teaching a Separate Class

Youth and Adult Bible Study Ideas for Mighty Fortress VBS

4 Ways to Thank Your VBS Volunteers

3 Tips for Teaching VBS Song Actions

Supporting Sunday School Teachers over the Summer

VBS Song Actions Made Easy

Teaching Jesus from the Old Testament

Bringing Your Passions into Your Classroom

3 Ways to Engage Kids Every Minute of VBS

"I Didn't Know Our Sunday School Had . . . W5online."

Join us for Splash Canyon: VBS 2018

Foundations in Faith: The Ten Commandments

Memorial Day Activities & Craft

Stellar student essentials and keepsakes

Five Ways to Get Out of a Rut When Leading Sunday School

Free Craft Ideas for Mother's Day

How to Celebrate the Reformation in Your Sunday School

VBS Decorations that Point Kids to Jesus

Five Ways to Respond to the Question, Why Do Bad Things Happen?

Cultivating VBS Volunteers Now and Beyond

I Didn't Know Our Sunday School Had . . . Bulletin Notes and Planning Pages

The Back-Up Box . . . or Bag

Summer Shake-Up

Teacher Spotlight: Katie Reinitz

What Are We Going to Do about Summer Sunday School THIS year?

3 Reasons Why "The Sunday School Answer" Is Still the Best

Journey with Jesus: Lenten Puzzle

Lessons Learned: Teacher Appreciation

"I Didn't Know Sunday School Had . . ." (Bible Discovery Guides)

Lessons Learned: Leadership Teams

Answering Tough Questions with "Why?"

Lessons Learned: Supply Management

Don't Throw That Away Just Yet

Lesson Learned: Craft Sticks

7 Confessions of a Not-So-Super Superintendent

Meet Your Sunday School Team

“I didn’t know our Sunday School had . . . ”

The Ten Commandments for Sunday School Teachers

Tough Faith Questions . . . Who Sinned?

Volunteer Recruitment Starts Now

Special Needs in Sunday School

5 Reasons to Start Planning VBS Now

Connect Children with Jesus’ Story with Church Year Connections

5 Reasons You'll Love Mighty Fortress

Make Your VBS Closing Program Memorable

Servant Heart and Vacation Bible School

8 Signs You Might Be the CPH VBS Intern

Tips for Creating Great VBS Photos

7 Ways to Fund Your VBS

VBSMate is your free online registration tool

Sharing your VBS Mission Project

10 Ways to Shepherd Your Church Through VBS

Recruiting VBS Volunteers: What If They Say No?

Diary of a VBS Volunteer: Day 4-Mysteries and Meltdowns

Diary of a VBS Volunteer: Day 2

Diary of a VBS Volunteer: Day 1

A Prayer for VBS

9 Publicity Ideas for Barnyard Roundup

7 Steps to Recruiting VBS Volunteers