Help Young People Defend the Faith with This Apologetics Curriculum

How to Equip Youth with Resilient Minds

Teaching the Differences between Christianity and Mormonism

Overview of Early Childhood Enduring Faith® Religion Curriculum

Teaching the Differences between Christianity and Buddhism

Affirming Baptismal Identity in Your Youth

Teaching the Differences between Christianity and Hinduism

Free Teaching Tools for Holy Week and Easter

Teaching the Differences between Christianity and Islam

3 Ways to Foster Young Leaders at Your Church

Why Lutherans Should Know the Differences between Other Religions

Using Luther’s Small Catechism for Kids Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions When Teaching Luther’s Small Catechism

VBS 2024 Overview: Celebrate the Savior

Teaching the Catechism: The Lord’s Supper, Third and Fourth Sections

Top Five Advent and Christmas Teaching Tools

Teaching the Catechism: The Lord’s Supper, First and Second Sections

Teaching the Catechism: Confession

Teaching about the Church Year in Sunday School

Teaching the Faith to Young People

Teaching the Catechism: Holy Baptism II, Third and Fourth Parts

How to Talk to Kids about God’s Design for Men and Women

Teaching Ideas for the Catechism: Holy Baptism, First and Second Sections

Models for Teaching Confirmation

Teaching Ideas for the Catechism: The Lord’s Prayer, Petitions 5–7 and Conclusion

Prayers to Prepare for VBS

Teaching Ideas for the Catechism: The Lord’s Prayer, Petitions 1–4

Secrets to a Stress-Free Summer Sunday School

Teaching Ideas for the Catechism: Apostles’ Creed Article II

How to Keep Kids Engaged at God's Living Water VBS

Essentials for Your Church Busy Bag

Teaching Ideas for the Catechism: Apostles’ Creed Articles I and III

5 Resources to Teach Kids about Lent

Teaching Ideas for the Catechism: Commandments Six through Ten

Month-by-Month VBS Planning Guide

Teaching Ideas for the Catechism: First Five Commandments

Teaching the Big Words of the Faith

Teaching Jesus in the Old Testament: Malachi 3:1–2

VBS 2023 Overview: God’s Living Water

Teaching Jesus in the Old Testament: Malachi 1:6-8

How to Teach Children to Tithe

Teaching Jesus in the Old Testament: Zechariah 9:9–10

The Day of the Lord in Joel 2

A Complete Guide to Using Enduring Faith Confirmation Curriculum

Teaching Jesus in the Old Testament: Joel 2

Discipling Our Children by Abiding in the Word

What I Wish I Knew before Teaching My First Lesson

How Jonah Foreshadows Our Deliverance through Christ

5 Must-Reads for Lutheran Teachers

What I Wish I Knew before Attending My First LCMS Youth Gathering

Influencing Children’s Identity through Electronic Technology

How to Select a Trustworthy Children’s Bible

Found Faultless in Christ

Getting Started with Enduring Faith Religion Curriculum

Technology as a Tool at School

5 Reasons You Should Use The Tree of Life for Summer Sunday School

Answering Your Questions about The Tree of Life VBS

Repentance and Forgiveness in the Bible

We Pray: Be with Us, O God

Lutheran Homeschool Curriculum Favorites for the Elementary Years

Changing Lanes in Christ

God Is a Peace Bringer

Using Luther’s Small Catechism to Raise Christian Kids

The Good Physician Speaks True

Touring and Teaching in the Digital Age

Jesus Fulfills the Prophecy of Psalm 22

Find Peace by Fearing God in Isaiah 8

Teaching Children about God's Design for Marriage

Taking Faithful Notes on Life Lessons

Where Is the Holy Spirit in Spirit Week?

Jesus, the Silent Redeemer of Isaiah 53

Memorizing the Catechism with Your Kids

School Excellence Requires Christian Community

God Redeems and Preserves His Children

Key Questions to Understanding Christian Discipleship

Using Luther's Small Catechism for Kids in a Homeschool Setting

Knowing God’s Grace, Why Settle For Mediocrity?

David and Goliath: God Alone Provides Victory

The Attitude of Discipleship

Vocation Formation

Woven with Christ : An Image of Christian Relationships

The Miraculous Births of a Judge and a Savior

How to Teach Kids Hard Bible Words

How Habits Form Us and Why It Matters

The Power of Recreation

Tuning In to the Voice of God

Teaching Jesus in the Old Testament: Joshua 2

Become a Lifelong Learner of God’s Word

Law and Gospel in the Classroom

Teaching Jesus in the Old Testament: Leviticus 24

Cultivating a Life of Abiding in God’s Word

A New Normal for Christian Classrooms

A Last Lesson of a School Year: the Aroma of Pizza

Teaching Jesus in the Old Testament: Leviticus 16

Abiding in God's Word

Teaching Jesus in the Old Testament: Exodus 17

Theology of Education: Equipped to Serve

Applying the Ten Commandments: The Second Table

Teaching Jesus in the Old Testament: Genesis 3

The Power of a Pause

The Reluctant Sunday School Teacher

Applying the Ten Commandments: The First Table

Teaching Jesus in the Old Testament: Exodus 12

Your Students Are Valuable to God

God’s Law Is Good

Celebrating Black History Month in a Christian Classroom

Teaching Jesus in the Old Testament: Genesis 22

Welcoming Children with Disabilities in Lutheran Schools

Navigating the Darkness

Answering Teens: The Evidence Tells Me So

Directions for Snow Days

Teaching Kids How to Make Faith-Based Resolutions

Teaching the Twelve Apostles: James the Lesser

Answering Teens: How Do We Know the Bible Is the Word of God?

Advent: The Hope Factory

Epic Fails Are Normal

Prayer: Standing before God’s Throne on Earth

Teaching the Twelve Apostles: Simon the Zealot

How to Make a Video for Your Church and School Social Media Accounts

Teaching the Twelve Apostles: Thaddaeus

God’s Plan and Purpose for Youth

Spiritual Care for Students Delaying Dreams

Teaching the Twelve Apostles: Bartholomew

Jesus: Our Normal This School Year

A New Kind of Sunday School

Teaching the Twelve Apostles: Andrew

Encouraging Youth to Speak Up for Christ

Cultivating Diversity in the Classroom

5 of the Best Books for Sunday School Teachers

Teaching the Twelve Apostles: James

Youth and Social Justice

4 Tips for Faith-Focused “Screen-Free” Hours this Summer

Your Youth Are Epic Warriors

5 Non-Traditional Options for Teaching the Bible this Summer

Teaching the Twelve Apostles: John

Communicating Your VBS Plans: Four Easy Steps

The Importance of Bedtime Stories

Teaching the Twelve Apostles: Philip

Reminding Children of God’s Faithfulness through Prayer

Teaching the Twelve Apostles: Matthew

Creating Routine for Your Teenagers

Grasping at Routine: Our Need for a Daily Schedule

Easter Teaching Activities for Families

Early Childhood Activities Anchored to Truth and Stability

Sharing the Gospel through a Storybook Bible

Resources for Teaching the Faith at Home

Setting Up a Classroom Library Focused on Jesus

Teaching the Twelve Apostles: Thomas

Teaching Little Ones: About the Altar

The Little Things are the Big Things

Teaching the Twelve Apostles: Judas Iscariot

Skeptical Thoughts and Teaching the Answers

Teaching Kids About Pastor’s Vestments

Teaching Children How to Pray

Leading a Classroom Devotion

Teaching the Twelve Apostles: Peter

The Courage to Forgive

The Christmas Season as Outreach for Your VBS

Teaching Moments and Retelling Scripture

Family-Centered Outreach through Christmas Eve Service

Teaching Parables: A House Divided

Simple Ways to Pass Down the Faith to Your Children

Engaging Your Congregation in Sunday School

Teaching Parables: The Faithful Servant

How to Engage Parents with Your Sunday School

Discussing Scary Things with Young Children

Teaching Parables: The Wedding Feast and the Great Banquet

Teaching Preschoolers God’s Truth about Hard Issues

Making Goals for Your Youth Ministry

Teaching Parables: The Rich Fool

Teaching Parables: Teaching the Rich Man and Lazarus

Supporting Youth Who Have Non-Christian Parents

Effective Youth Ministry Is Personal

Five Roles of the Church Youth Leader

Teaching Parables: The Laborers in the Vineyard

VBS: An Invitation to a Lifetime with Christ

Teaching Parables: The Wedding Garment

Find and Keep the Right Volunteers for VBS

Ending the Sunday School Year Well

4 Things Your Youth Ministry Needs to Have

Ten Ways to Encourage Intergenerational Faith Development

Faith Development in Adulthood

Faith Development in High School

Faith Development in Middle School

Free Easter Children’s Message: The Empty Egg

Faith Development in Early Childhood

Faith Development in Toddlers

Teaching Parables: The Lost Sheep

Teaching Contrasts to Children Using Biblical Examples

Teaching Parables: Three Levels of the Good Samaritan

Take-Home Sheets: Equipping Parents to Reinforce Children’s Ministry

Teaching Parables: The Barren Fig Tree

How to Answer Kids’ Hard Questions about the Faith

Teaching Parables: Build Your House on the Rock

Activities for Teaching Advent Hymns to Children

Thanksgiving Lesson Plans That Teach about God’s Overflowing Gifts

Teaching Thanksgiving through Jesus’ Example

Simple Activities to Teach Children about Luther’s Rose

Six Activities to Teach Kids about the Reformation

The Importance of Jesus Time

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