VBS 2024 Overview: Celebrate the Savior

We are thrilled to roll out our VBS program for 2024: Celebrate the Savior! Our theme, Jesus Gives Us Joy, will teach children that Jesus gives us so many things worth celebrating—most importantly, His love and forgiveness. Just as King David celebrated God’s excellence in Psalm 95:1 (“let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation”), children will celebrate their Savior at VBS. Keep reading to learn more about the curriculum at Celebrate the Savior.

Celebrate the Savior Starter Kit

We’ve brought back your favorite components from a traditional VBS format and even added new assets that will knock your celebration out of the park! Bursting with organizational, decorating, and digital assets, the Starter Kit helps you create a cohesive and comprehensive experience. 

Starter Kit includesCelebrate the Savior VBS Starter Kit

*One sample included in the kit. Also available to purchase separately. 

New for VBS 2024

As alluded to above, Celebrate the Savior features awesome new components to amplify your celebration, includingVBS 2024 Celebrate the Savior Samples

  • Director USB
    • Includes Bible Memory Verse resources, PowerPoint slides, music components, guides, videos, art files, and more!2024-VBS-Samples
  • Jesus Lives Sand Art Craft
    • Children can apply colored sand to die-cut shapes to create a design celebrating Jesus’ resurrection.
  • Decorating Posters
    • These colorful posters set the tone for your celebration, featuring Celebrate the Savior branding, Site Signs, and fun images.

The VBS Starter Kit features one sample of the collectibles, pendant craft, and sand art craft. These items are also available for additional purchase. 

Bible Lessons

VBS 2024 Celebrate the Savior Bible Lessons at a Glance Chart

Over the course of the VBS, children will learn about five events in Jesus’ life—from His birth to His resurrection—that will solidify an understanding of who He is and what He has done for them. When you know that Jesus is your Savior, it’s hard not to celebrate!

Lessons include:

  • Wise Men Worship Jesus (Matthew 2:1–12)
  • Jesus Heals a Man Lowered through a Roof (Mark 2:1–12)
  • Jesus Feeds Five Thousand (Matthew 14:13–21)
  • Jesus Dies and Rises Again (Luke 23:32–49; Matthew 28:1–10)
  • Jesus on the Road to Emmaus (Luke 24:13–35)

Use the Bible Story Posters in the kit with each lesson for further engagement and to teach that day's memory verse.

Director Guide with Site Leader Pages 

The Director Guide is your ultimate planning tool for VBS! In it, you’ll find schedule options, safety and budgetary logistics, volunteer recruitment tips, and more! Each page is perforated for seamless handoffs and copying. Check out the “Look Inside” on the Starter Kit page to preview the Director Guide. 

The Director Guide also features Site Leader Guides for each day’s activity rotations, equipping your key volunteers with multiple ideas and options to Celebrate the Savior throughVBS 2024 Celebrate the Savior Director Guide with perforated pages

  • Bible Storytelling,
  • Crafts,
  • Snacks,
  • Games, and
  • Bible Exploration.

In addition, you’ll love the enriched Opening & Closing materials. With prayers, songs, skits, and Bible stories, these experiences are sure to bring the hype to your church’s VBS program! For even more inspiration for your VBS celebration, visit our Pinterest page.

New Music with Song-Action Videos

Celebrate the Savior comes with five brand-new songs, with Song-Action Videos, to amp up your party! The Starter Kit also includes one sample of the Passalong Music Download Card, available for additional purchase. 

Share the Savior’s Love Mission Project

VBS 2024 Celebrate the Savior Mission Project PosterEvery year, CPH VBS partners with Concordia Gospel Outreach for a mission project. Share the Savior’s Love is an outreach project that sends books about God’s love to children all over the world. This project focuses on reaching children and families who have not heard the Gospel or do not have any books about Jesus. 

By getting your students involved in this project, you will teach them—and the kids they help us serve—the importance and joy of sharing the Savior’s love with others. Jesus gives us joy! Help us celebrate by sharing His love with those in need.

Student Materials

Celebrate the Savior student materials are just icing on the cake! The following materials are featured as samples in the Starter Kit, and available for additional purchase to enhance your students’ experience.

Early Childhood Leaflets

Young children love opportunities for hands-on learning! These bright leaflets will supplement your Storytelling time with Bible stories, pictures, hands-on activities, and conversation starters. Order one per student. 

VBS 2024 Celebrate the Savior Early Childhood and Elementary Leaflets

Elementary Leaflets

Like the Early Childhood Leaflets, the Elementary Leaflets are an engaging, tangible tool to strengthen your Storytelling time! Order one per student.


VBS 2024 Celebrate the Savior collectibles

These spectacular lenticulars let your students take what they’ve learned at VBS home with them! Features Bible story artwork, the Take-Home Point, and Bible memory verse. Order one set per student. 


Passalong Music Download Cards

VBS 2024 Celebrate the Savior Passalong Music Download CardDon’t let the party stop after your VBS! Send your VBS families home with their favorite Celebrate the Savior songs to enjoy on their devices. Buy one Passalong Music Card for each family to redeem online.


Scripture: ESV®.

Find more information on Celebrate the Savior at cph.org, or send us an email with any questions. 

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