Free Teaching Tools for Holy Week and Easter

The celebration of Easter is the celebration of God’s grace and what He has done for us through the gift of His Son, Jesus Christ. Make sure the children around you know why with these free teaching tools for Holy Week and Easter.

Palm Sunday

On this day, Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, while those who had been listening to His teachings throughout His ministry called out “Hosanna!” Demonstrate this with a creative snack like the Veggie Palm Path snack. Using each of the vegetables in the snack, share the details of Jesus’ path to Jerusalem and why the crowd was so excited to see Him.


You can also talk about Palm Sunday with an activity like the Palms for Paradise craft. With just a few supplies, your students can make their own palm branches to wave as they yell “Hosanna!” just like the crowd. Incorporate this into your snack time to tie both activities together.

Maundy Thursday

On Maundy Thursday, we remember the Lord’s Supper and the words Jesus spoke to His disciples, letting them know what was about to happen. Whenever we participate in Communion throughout the Church Year, we are reminded of these same words. Even if the children hearing this lesson are too young to be receiving Communion, you can still welcome them into its significance with these activities.

Using the Passover snack, recount the Passover that took place in the book of Exodus. When Jesus shared this meal with His disciples, He was sharing that He was the Passover lamb sent for them.

Maundy-Thursday-CraftLooking for a craft you can do for this day? Check out the Lord’s Supper Bookmark! This bookmark is a unique way to remind children of the importance of Communion. After they have completed their bookmark, have them store it in their Bible or activity bag to have with them in church.

Good Friday

GoodFriday-CraftWhen Jesus died on the cross, He accomplished something that we could never do ourselves. Because He was perfect, He paid the ultimate price for our sins. His death purified us from all unrighteousness so that we may have eternal life with God. Demonstrate the impact of Christ’s gift for us with this snack activity, Ticket to the Banquet. Set up a buffet of delicious treats and distribute play money for children to use to “buy” their ticket to the Heaven Banquet. Remind them that no matter how extravagant their offerings for entering the banquet, it will never be enough. Then distribute “Price paid in full by Jesus” tickets to the participants, bringing home the point that it is only because of Jesus that we can join in the heavenly feast.

Easter Sunday

Easter-CraftWhen Jesus rose from the dead, it was unexpected, even though He had told His followers that He would come back. We can celebrate Christ’s resurrection each and every day. Using the “Jesus Lives” Garden Tile craft, you can remind children that Jesus showed His power over both sin and death with His resurrection. Ask them to place the garden tile somewhere they will see it every day, so they can be reminded that Jesus rose again.

Find the activities detailed in this post and more to celebrate what Jesus Christ has done for us!

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