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Music Evolving through the Reformation

Music of the Month: Preludes on Five Hymns of Martin Luther

The Importance of Movement in the Divine Service

Music of the Month: Praetorius Chorales for SAB Choir

The Liturgy of Back-to-School Routines

The Heritage of Music during the Reformation

Music of the Month: Chorale Preludes of Georg Philipp Telemann

The Tedious Work of Musicians and Christians

The Psalms in Christian Worship

Music of the Month: The Good Shepherd by Jonathan D. Campbell

The Name of the Lord in the Liturgy

Church Musicians Need Rest Too

Building Disciples through the Worship Service

Music of the Month: Piano Prelude Series, Volume 6

Understanding Worship: Service of the Sacrament

Teaching Today's Young Musicians with Musical Masters

Music of the Month: Light Divine: Three Pentecost Hymn Settings for Organ

Teaching Psalms to Students

Music of the Month: Notes of Gladness

How Music Affects Its Listeners

Understanding Worship: Service of the Word

Music of the Month: Go to Dark Gethsemane

The Beautiful Routine of the Liturgy

Themes in the Season of Lent

Music of the Month: Good Friday Suite

In Memoriam: Dr. Carl Flentge Schalk

Composer of the Month: Robert Powell

Live Out Your Love for Traditional Church Music

Music of the Month: Cross of Jesus: Six Preludes for Lent

God Always Has Room for You

Teach Children to Play Beautiful Music through Stories

A Celebration of Hymn to Joy

Music of the Month: The Angel Gabriel from Heaven Came

Composer of the Month: Johann Crüger

Develop a Music-Making Culture at Home

Composer of the Month: Sandra Eithun

Four Instrumental Pieces for Thanksgiving Worship

Music of the Month: Let All Things Now Living

Why Classical Music is a Gift

Composer of the Month: Martin Franzmann

The Reformation’s First Lutheran Hymns

Music of the Month: O Rejoice! 25 Hymn Introductions for Organ

Handbell Guidelines for Sundays in a Pandemic

Holy Spirit, Breathe on Us

Composer of the Month: Kenneth Kosche

Unison, 2-Part and 3-Part Choral Music for Sundays in a Pandemic

Music of the Month: The TTBB Chorale Book, Volume 2

Music, the Church Year, Repeat

Composer of the Month: Fridrich Layriz

Using a Children’s Hymnal at Home, Church, and School

Music of the Month: Built on the Rock

Why Christians Should Make Music with Joy

Music of the Month: Piano Prelude Series: Volume 4 (FG)

How 6 Popular Lutheran Service Book Hymn Tunes Got Their Names

Composer of the Month: Kevin Hildebrand

Teaching the Faith with Catechism Hymns

Why Christians Need Pop Music

Hymn Translator of the Month: Catherine Winkworth

Reflection on 'There is a Balm in Gilead'

Music of the Month: Jesus Has Come—Eight Organ Preludes for the Church Year

What Songs Are Stuck in Your Head?

Composer of the Month: Charles Ore

Uniting Church Hymns throughout Time and Place

Music of the Month: The Wind Blows Where It Wills

Cling to Hymns in a Pandemic

Composer of the Month: Paul Gerhardt

Prepare for the Easter Season at Home

Music of the Month: Christ Being Raised

Comforting Hymns for Listening at Home

Music during Tragedy

The Women of Lutheran Service Book You Might Not Know About

Music of the Month: Four Easter Hymns for Twelve Bells

God’s Generous Gift of Music

Composer of the Month: August Crull

How to Network with Local Church Musicians

Music of the Month: Three Lenten Chorales for Organ

Why Church Bells Ring

Composer of the Month: Carl F. Schalk

Music of the Month: Glory Be to Jesus

The Church’s Song: Proclamation, Pedagogy, and Praise

Why We Learn to Square Dance

Hymn of the Month: From Heaven Above to Earth I Come

Six Myths about Christmas Hymns

Finding Advent and Christmas Music This Season

Music of the Month: Proclaim! Preludes for Christmas

Why We Listen to Music

Hymn of the Month: From God Can Nothing Move Me

Three Thanksgiving Hymn Histories: Companion to the Hymns

Music of the Month: Festival Gloria

Three Hymn Recommendations for Reformation Day

Train Students to Sing Hymns Artfully

Hymn of the Month: I Know My Faith Is Founded

5 Fun Facts from the new LSB: Companion to the Hymns

Music of the Month: Lord of Our Life

Celebrating Composer Dr. Carl Schalk

Why Music Education Is Important

We Praise You and Acknowledge You, O God: Te Deum Hymn Devotion

Music of the Month: For Faith, We Praise You, Lord

Imitation in Music

Worship as a Communal Experience

Hymns as Poems: What Do They Mean without Music?

Hymn of the Month: One Thing’s Needful

Music of the Month: Go, My Children, with My Blessing

Five-Step Summer Plan for Music Teachers and Directors

How the Season after Pentecost Illustrates the Life of the Church

Music of the Month: To Live Is Christ

Musical Literacy, Sightreading, and the Church

The Rhythm of Worship

Highlights of Our 2019 New Music Releases

Reflecting on Holy Week Music after Easter

Remembering Jaroslav Vajda

How Easter Got Its Calendar Date

Why Music Is Important in Church According to Luther

Music of the Month: Christ Jesus Lay in Death’s Strong Bands

Why Certain Hymn Texts Endure

Music of the Month: Easter Fantasy on Ancient Hymns

Creating a Worshipful and Penitential Mood during Lent

Keeping Church Reverent

Last-Minute Music Selections for Lent and Easter

The Praise of God in New Testament Songs and Hymns

Product of the Month: The Tree of Life

How to Get Middle School Kids to Participate in Choir Class

Product of the Month: Lent Mosaics

Emmanuel Has Come—Even to Tired Church Musicians

The Histories of Some of Your Favorite Christmas Hymns

Product of the Month: Piano Prelude Series, Vol. 1

The Divine Service in Lutheran Service Book

Evening Hymns for the Close of the Church Year

Five Simple Ways for Church Organists to Improve Their Playing

Product of the Month: Carol of the Lamb

Reformation Hymns for Hope and Comfort on All Saints’ Day

Prayer Hymns: One Immense Voice Raising Supplication to God

How Worship Rites Changed during the Reformation

5 Notable Reformation Hymns That Aren’t “A Mighty Fortress”

Product of the Month: Luther’s Morning Prayer and Luther’s Evening Prayer

The Importance of Acoustics in Church Music

Reflection on “O Love, How Deep”

4 Ways to Incorporate Music into Sunday School

Product of the Month: LSB Text-Only Pocket and Ebook Editions

Why Ancient Music Matters in the Church Even Today

Music in Worship: Thoughts from Composer Mark Bender

The Duties of Acolytes

5 Networking Tips for Church Music Directors

5 Essential Tasks for Music Directors before Summer Ends

Advent and Christmas Music to Start Thinking About

3 Project Management Tips to Streamline Your Worship Planning

4 Ways for Church Music Directors to Recharge during Summer

The Role of Music in Teaching the Faith

Product of the Month: Marvel at the Mercy

3 Summer Projects for Church Music Directors

Does the Memorization of Hymns Matter?

Making Hymns Ours

Welcoming Summer Vacationers When They Visit Your Church

Product of the Month: Organ Chorales of Samuel Scheidt

Meet CPH Composer Jacob B. Weber

The Importance of Teaching Hymns to Children

7 Handbell Techniques for Unique Sounds

Music for the Season after Pentecost

Parament Types and How to Take Measurements for Them

Reflection on “At the Lamb’s High Feast We Sing”

How to Arrange the Sacred Vessels for Holy Communion

Interview with Jeffrey Honoré

Adding New Music into Worship while Honoring Tradition

Altar Guild’s Guide to the Types of Communion Vessels

Product of the Month: Why Do You Peer into the Skies?

How Church Musicians Can Find Rest during Holy Week

Preparing for a Confirmation Service

Music for Holy Week

Training Kids to Be Church Musicians

Product of the Month: I Am Making All Things New

Reflection on “A Lamb Goes Uncomplaining Forth”

Rev. Dr. Thomas Winger on the Role of the Hymnal in Worship

Product of the Month: O Sacred Head, Now Wounded

Reflection on “Alleluia, Song of Gladness”

Caring for Church Candles

Sharing the Gospel through Well-Made Music

Featured Music for Lent

Product of the Month: Enter His Gates with Praise

Music as a Teaching Tool

Twelve Hymns for the Twelve Days of Christmas

Keeping Special Musicians Engaged after Christmas

Singing the O Antiphons during Advent

Product of the Month: Repeat the Sounding Joy

Preparing for the Epiphany Season

Involving Youth in Church Music

Six Thanksgiving Hymn Favorites

Product of the Month: O Holy Night

Preparing the Church Sanctuary for Christmas

Finding Rest in the Gospel through Music

Preparing the Church Sanctuary for Advent

Words to Look for in Luther’s Hymns

The Rise of Hymnody During the Reformation

Introducing New Music to Your Congregation

The Six Catechetical Hymns of Martin Luther

Product of the Month: Four Advent Hymns for Twelve Bells

Three Tips for Selecting Advent and Christmas Music

Church Music with Limited Resources

Editor’s Picks: Last Part of the Church Year

Equipping Families to Use the Hymnal at Home

Keeping Children’s Choir Christ-Centered

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