Top Three Collections to Get Instrumentalists Involved in Your Church

From timid first attempts at reading notes to performing with confidence and flourishing, Christian instrumentalists have something to offer your congregation. Even if you don’t know it, there’s probably a youth group member who participates in her middle school band or an elder who had a music minor in college. Whether these musicians are embarking on a new learning journey or seasoned performers with years of experience, you can select a repertoire that will engage them in service to your congregation and glorify God.

Contributing a Heart of Service

Including instrumentalists in worship can lend the service new meaning. As a musician, offering talent and time to God through music is a privilege that fosters a heart of service. Engaging these musicians through church music will help draw them deeper into congregational involvement and allow them to contribute their unique ability to God and His Church.

Introducing an instrumental prelude or descant of a familiar hymn catches the interest of the congregation, bringing to mind the words and Scripture that connect with the music. The beauty of added instrumental music is a treasure that breathes new life into a beloved musical heritage. The musician—a living, breathing individual you have a relationship with—can pour their talent out in service in real time as part of the Body of Christ.

Year-Round Instrumental Collections: Lutheran Service Book Instrument Packs

instrument_packsA great place to start including instrumental music in your church is with Lutheran Service Book: Instrument Packs. They include beautiful and appropriate harmony and melody lines for instrumentalists to contribute to worship. These packs are downloadable and include PDFs for woodwind, brass, and strings so that a variety of instrumentalists can use the arrangements. The simple and beautiful nature of the harmony and melody lines allows younger musicians and those with more experience to add auditory interest to the familiar hymns along with either piano or organ accompaniment. These are perfect for congregational singing or additional music during the Offering.

The Instrument Packs are arranged in Church Year order so that Lent, Easter, general use, Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany hymns are easily accessible. This will allow you to select the ideal instrumental part for any Sunday of the year. The downloadable content will remain accessible after you’ve purchased it.

Enhance Hymns with Introductions: Joyful Praises: Hymn Introductions for Organ and Instrument


Another great resource to take advantage of is Joyful Praises: Hymn Introductions for Organ and Instrument.

Composed specifically for church instrumentalists, the arrangements in this collection of hymn introductions are elegant but also relatively simple to organize and learn. The hymn introductions are written for C, B-flat, and E-flat instruments so you can engage various musicians in your church.

Having this collection on hand will enhance the beauty of the hymns and inspire contemplation on their biblically-grounded texts. The full score will be delivered to you physically, then you’ll have digital access to the individual parts so that you can print out as many copies as needed. With a variety of styles and instrumental sound qualities, these introductions increase the variety and affirm the faith expressions of the hymns through musical beauty.

Duo Baroque: Classic Chorale Preludes 

Not only does the addition of instrumental components to hymns invigorate the familiar melodies, but instrumental music can also inspire and uplift other parts of the service, such as preludes. The Duo Baroque: Classic Chorale Preludes are sophisticated and striking yet recognizable because they are based on celebrated works by composers such as Johann Sebastian Bach and Dieterich Buxtehude. The preludes are arranged for a keyboard and any solo instrument and are recast for manuals-only organ while retaining their distinctive baroque style.

Three volumes of Duo Baroque preludes are available so that you will be able to select an appropriate chorale for any given service from the array of preludes. The instrumental parts can be downloaded. They are reproducible for a range of instrumentalists, including brass, woodwind, and strings.

These instrumental works enliven worship and help prepare the minds and hearts of those listening to the church service. 

Reach out to the instrumentalists in your church and bless your congregation with music that reflects the beauty of faith in our Savior, Jesus Christ!

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