Uniting Church Hymns throughout Time and Place

This summer, One and All Rejoice, a new children’s hymnal for K–8 students, will be released. There are two hundred well-loved hymns along with newer songs debuting in this hymnal. Among them are six modern hymns that can be used throughout the Church Year. Learn more about the hymns below, and listen to them on the One and All Rejoice playlist.

The Son of God Has Conquered Night

This hymn, composed by Mark Knickelbein, features a slower melancholy tune that leads into a triumphant refrain. The text by Lisa Clark paints the story of the women returning to Christ’s tomb, finding it empty, and hearing an angel of the Lord speak to them. The angel’s words are seen in the refrain: “The Son of God has conquered night And reigns in everlasting light!” Rejoice with your children or students during Easter time with this hymn.

How Deep the Father’s Love for Us

The music and text by Stuart Townend is a beautiful reminder of Christ’s sacrifice for His people as He takes His final breath upon the cross, depicted in stanza 2. During Lent, Christians everywhere reflect inwardly on themselves, and this hymn reminds everyone that our Father loves us dearly, and our Savior loves us enough to give His life so that we no longer have to carry the burden of sin. This hymn could be used as an offertory during chapel or to help students reflect on Christ’s Passion during Lent and Holy Week.

God Has Gone Up

Rejoice in Christ’s ascension with this joyful song by David Lee. The tempo of this hymn challenges young musicians with notes that fall on the upbeat, while also energizing the students to sing praises to the Lord. Sing this song at the end of service to send your students out shouting praises for His ascension and clapping their hands in praise. Or use the refrain to teach about the Lord’s ascension during Sunday School.

In Christ Alone

This well-known song by Keith Getty and Stuart Townend reminds all believers that real hope is found in Jesus. Only by knowing Christ can you have everlasting life and see God’s true, selfless love. A perfect hymn for confirmation, this song may be supplemented with the guitar by using the chords provided in the hymn. This meaningful hymn about the Redeemer reminds all believers that they have strength through Him. 

Though All Our Life Is Like a Scroll         

Jeffrey Blersch has composed strong, robust music specifically to accompany the text of this hymn. All Christians, especially students, can boldy sing: “With Jesus as our sole defense, For He alone still saves us.” The text by Wilfred Karsten reminds believers everywhere that while there are many battles, Christ has won them all through His sacrifice, and He continues to protect those who believe in Him. Even though humans are weary and worn from sin, He renews all Christians, giving them strength to get through every battle. 

Ten Thousand Reasons

This song, popular among youth, is a wonderful expression of Christ’s might and majesty over creation and His deep love for each and every individual. The gentle, memorable refrain reminds students that no matter what happens in this life, our response is nevertheless praise and thankfulness to God. Add musical variety with guitar accompaniment, a choir, or a soloist. Use the hymn during a service of praise, such as Easter, graduation, confirmation, or beginning of the school year.

As summer approaches, teach children and youth about God’s love for them using One and All Rejoice. Download the hymn playlist, and start making music memories today.

To learn more about One and All Rejoice and to listen to the hymn recordings, click the button below.

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Jacob Weber is the associate editor of music/worship at Concordia Publishing House. A prolific composer, Jacob holds degrees in church music (organ) from Bethany Lutheran College and Concordia University Wisconsin. Previously, he served as kantor at Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Dearborn, Michigan.

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