Featured Church Music for Lent

If you’re looking for some special music to incorporate into your repertoire this season, here are some of our recently added Lenten selections to check out. 

Now, Even Now, Declare a Fast

Kevin Hildebrand & Stephen P. Starke | 2pt or SATB Choir

Kevin Hildebrand has set a text by Stephen P. Starke to the Welsh tune
LLEF. This easy-to-learn composition is useful throughout the Lenten season, especially on Ash Wednesday during the imposition of ashes. Written to be flexible, it may be sung by soloists or two-part choir, with an optional SATB stanza, and may be modified in length. An optional part for treble instrument is included.

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Cross of Jesus: Six Preludes for Lent

 Robert J. Powell | Organ

Robert J. Powell has composed a well-crafted and accessible collection for Lent. This book offers settings that are appropriate to the season, such as “Go to Dark Gethsemane,” “Jesus, I Will Ponder Now,” and “Cross of Jesus, Cross of Sorrow.” Each setting offers a series of key and tempo changes. The final setting, “Rock of Ages, Cleft for Me,” offers a joyful, majestic ending to an otherwise somber piece.

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Proclaim! Preludes and Harmonizations for Hymn of the Day (Lent)

Be prepared for services with preludes and harmonizations for the Hymn of the Day that follow Lutheran Service Book lectionaries. This organ collection features nine different settings for Lent, including AUS TIEFER NOT, EIN FESTE BURG, and EIN FESTE BURG.

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My Faith Looks Up to Thee

Jonathan Kohrs | SATB, Piano

This beautiful and delicate setting by Jonathan Kohrs is perfect for the Lenten season. Featuring a variety of tempos and harmonizations, you will be challenged by the music while your congregation will be able to settle into the contemplative and reflective season. Kohrs' setting will be loved by all for years to come at your church. 

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Lent with Minimum Pedal

Edwin T. Childs | Organ

Add thirteen beautiful Lent settings to your repertoire with this collection for organ. These are perfect as preludes or hymn introductions. Each piece has been paired down to be only a stanza, allowing you to use these pieces in a pinch for service or for organists who might have limited pedal abilities. Your congregation will love each of these settings, and you will love the versatility offered in this collection.

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There Is a Fountain

Brian L. Hanson | SATB Choir

This new setting of William Cowper’s beloved text begins with gentle, flowing innocence and breathtaking simplicity. It gradually unfolds with sensitive text-painting and lush harmonies. Mesmerizing vocal lines highlight SA and TB combinations separately. This anthem makes an emotive, compelling addition, especially on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday


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The Blood of Jesus

Mark Knickelbein | SATB Choir

Ponder the impact of Christ’s Passion with this meditative arrangement for SATB and piano. The music follows the mood of the text as it describes the mournful crucifixion scene carrying through sacramental themes to the victory of the end times. The text, by Lisa M. Clark, focuses on the implications of Matthew 27:25 (“His blood be on us and on our children!”). This piece can be used especially on Ash Wednesday and during Holy Week. Hear it in the video below.


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Lamb of God

Included in Piano Stylings, Set 3: Hymns for the Church Year

Valerie A. Floeter | Piano

In this set of arrangements, each setting is based on relatively new tunes, providing beautiful, accessible pieces that aren’t found in other collections. Congregations will appreciate the prominence of the hymn melody in each of Floeter’s arrangements, and church musicians will love the ease with which they can learn fresh, moving pieces for worship.

Three pieces in the collection that are especially appropriate for Lent are “Lamb of God” (recording below), “My Song Is Love Unknown,” and “What Is This Bread?” Check out Set 1 and Set 2 in the series to find similar works.


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Savior, When in Dust to Thee

Included in A Welsh Hymn Tune Sampler for Organ

Bernard Wayne Sanders | Organ

The rich musical content of Welsh melodies has long secured them a place in hymnals and in the heart of congregations who love to sing them. This collection includes eight of the most beloved Welsh hymn tunes that vary widely in character. Each tune has a fresh and imaginative setting, reflecting and supporting both the musical content and the character of the chorales.

For Lent and Easter, check out the pieces “Savior, When in Dust to Thee” and “Christ the Lord Is Risen Today; Alleluia.”

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O Sacred Head, Now Wounded

Lauran Delancy | Handbells

This Lenten staple is set for 3 or 5(6) octave handbells, with optional 3 or 5 octave handchimes. Packed with rich meaning, the arrangement starts out mysteriously and meditatively, continuing on with a deep heaviness, and then broadens out majestically just before ending with startling symbolism. This piece is especially useful for Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. Take a listen:


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Looking for even more selections? Browse our Lent and Easter collection.

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