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Connecting Students’ Families to Church

School Supplies: Christ’s Love, Christ’s Ministry

September 2019 Everyday Faith Calendar

How to Vacation with Jesus

Adjusting to School as a Lutheran College Student

Shine: Your New Favorite Ministry Tool

August 2019 Everyday Faith Calendar

The Bad News & Good News about Teen Girls

July 2019 Everyday Faith Calendar

June 2019 Everyday Faith Calendar

“If Only We Had More Money”

Finding Balance during Transitions between Ministry Seasons

A Message for New Parents

Keeping Score

A Lot Can Happen in a Year

Teaching the Faith at Home: A Worthy Mess

May 2019 Everyday Faith Calendar

Getting Feedback from Your Church Youth Group

Bible Journaling with Your Kids

Finding Satisfaction in God in Your Ministry

April 2019 Everyday Faith Calendar

The One Anothers of Marriage and Parenting

Changing Your Family’s Hearts This Lent

Spring Break Activities to Deepen Your Family’s Faith

Cleaning Out Clutter This Lent

How to Mentor When You Both Have Baggage

“What Do You Do?”

March 2019 Everyday Faith Calendar

Go on a Different Kind of Valentine’s Date This Year

Don’t Use These Excuses Not to Mentor Someone

The Body of Christ

4 Tips for Preventing Volunteer Burnout

Developing Volunteers into Leaders

February 2019 Everyday Faith Calendar

January 2019 Everyday Faith Calendar

December 2018 Everyday Faith Calendar

Contrasts, Children, and the Church

November 2018 Everyday Faith Calendar

Why Church Worker Mental Health Matters

Flinging Blocks: How to Combat Cyberbullying

October 2018 Everyday Faith Calendar

College 101: What They Never Told You in High School

July 2018 Everyday Faith Calendar

Top Ten Reasons to Thank Your DCE Today!

Fathers are Leaders, not Coaches

Dad’s Voice

Free Father's Day Activities for Children's Ministry

Moms, Can You Laugh at the Future?

Recognizing Children's Ministry Volunteers

Personal Ways to Invite Easter Visitors Back for VBS

How to Celebrate Baptism Birthdays