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Staying Content during the Holiday Season

Waiting: November Everyday Faith Calendar

Curly Hair and God's Good Care

Responsibility: October Everyday Faith Calendar

How to Build Christian Community as Young Adults

The Three Greatest Gifts the Church Can Give to Believers

Combating Work Burnout with God's Word

Focus: September Everyday Faith Calendar

We Need Eighth Commandment People Now More than Ever

Humility as Seen in John the Baptist

Faith Lessons I’ve Learned from Running

Communication: August Everyday Faith Calendar

Finding Your Strengths in the Lord

Lessons from the First Year of Marriage

Leading with Intentional Engagement

July 2021 Everyday Faith Calendar

Pruning Is a Gift from God

Three God-Given Ways to Support Your Mental Health this Summer

Planting God's Word through Connection and Sharing

June 2021 Everyday Faith Calendar

Hate Destroys While Love Restores

Finding Hope in the Messy Middle of Life

What is God Calling Me to Do?

May 2021 Everyday Faith Calendar

Preparing for Pastoral Ministry: A Call Day Reflection

Serve Your Neighbors in the Continuation of a Pandemic

April 2021 Everyday Faith Calendar

Teaching the Faith to Children With Down Syndrome

How to Love and Welcome the Stranger

4 Ways to Find Joy in Winter

March 2021 Everyday Faith Calendar

Why Lutherans Should Celebrate Black History Month

I Love You Even When I Don’t Like You

Sharing the Gospel with Someone Battling Depression

The Foundation of Our Hope

How We Steward Our Bodies Helps Us Serve Christ and Others

February 2021 Everyday Faith Calendar

Longing for Community? Find It Here

Living a Life of Reconciliation

Our Callings through God’s Plan for Us

God Is Never Distant

January 2021 Everyday Faith Calendar

How to Crowdfund Your Next Ministry Project

Christmas Service Projects for Families

December 2020 Everyday Faith Calendar

Gratitude When Gratefulness Won't Come

Simple Ways to Give Thanks with Your Family

Praying with a Thankful Spirit

The Lord Is at Hand

November 2020 Everyday Faith Calendar

Embracing a “No Fear” Attitude

Three Ways to Serve Christ by Loving Your Family

Celebrating Differences: Down Syndrome Awareness Month

October 2020 Everyday Faith Calendar

Developing a Circle of Trust

Jesus Is With You in Your Worry

The Art of Listening and Speaking

Anxiety and the Pandemic: How Parents Can Cope While Sending Children Back to School

September 2020 Everyday Faith Calendar

Marriage and the Art of Adjectives

A Sea of Broken Dreams

4 Places to Share God's Word with Others

Social Media: Walk as Children of Light

August 2020 Everyday Faith Calendar

The Real Enemy Feeding Racism in America

How to Be a Good (Adult) Child to Your Parents

Conflicting Ideas between Church and Government

Think Before You Post to Social Media

July 2020 Everyday Faith Calendar

How to Build Virtual Community

Racial Healing Begins with Recognizing Our Neighbor

The Nation's Cry for Peace and Justice

We’re All in the Fishbowl Now

June 2020 Everyday Faith Calendar

How to Be a Christ-Following College Student at Home

National Day of Prayer Activities

The Altogether Beautiful Mess of Motherhood

Maintaining Your Marbles During COVID-19

May 2020 Everyday Faith Calendar

Six Reasons to Have Certainty in Jesus’ Resurrection

The Family that Quarantines Together

Vocation Starts at Home

April 2020 Everyday Faith Calendar

Continuing Community from Afar

Accepting Your Baggage and Flaws

You May Not Need All of Your Books, but Someone Else Does

Hoping for Significance: Sharing Meaningful Scripture

Heather Ruesch’s Experience at the March for Life

March 2020 Everyday Faith Calendar

The Aching Question of Marriage: Will You Fight for Me?

Faithfully Living with Law and Gospel

A Faith That Overwhelms Fear

The Truth of Dating Someone Who Is Not a Christian

February 2020 Everyday Faith Calendar

Growing Trust in Jesus

5 Ways God Works Through Your Local Congregation

In Times of Doubt, Keep Your Faith

January 2020 Everyday Faith Calendar

Walking through Loss during the Holidays

What Is Vocation?

Taking Time to Thank God in a World of More

November Is National Adoption Month

Adjusting to Change in Your College Years

Connecting to College Students during Transitions

What to Say to Someone Who Has Lost a Baby

Connecting to College Students through Care Packages

Connecting to College Students through Conversations

5 Ideas for Pastor Appreciation Month

Working with Difficult Emotions in Caregiving

Connecting Students’ Families to Church

School Supplies: Christ’s Love, Christ’s Ministry

How to Vacation with Jesus

Adjusting to School as a Lutheran College Student

Shine: Your New Favorite Ministry Tool

The Bad News & Good News about Teen Girls

“If Only We Had More Money”

Finding Balance during Transitions between Ministry Seasons

A Message for New Parents

Keeping Score

A Lot Can Happen in a Year

Teaching the Faith at Home: A Worthy Mess

Getting Feedback from Your Church Youth Group

Bible Journaling with Your Kids

Finding Satisfaction in God in Your Ministry

The One Anothers of Marriage and Parenting

Changing Your Family’s Hearts This Lent

Spring Break Activities to Deepen Your Family’s Faith

Cleaning Out Clutter This Lent

How to Mentor When You Both Have Baggage

“What Do You Do?”

Go on a Different Kind of Valentine’s Date This Year

Don’t Use These Excuses Not to Mentor Someone

The Body of Christ

4 Tips for Preventing Volunteer Burnout

Developing Volunteers into Leaders

Contrasts, Children, and the Church

Why Church Worker Mental Health Matters

Flinging Blocks: How to Combat Cyberbullying

College 101: What They Never Told You in High School

Top Ten Reasons to Thank Your DCE Today!

Fathers are Leaders, not Coaches

Dad’s Voice

Free Father's Day Activities for Children's Ministry

Moms, Can You Laugh at the Future?

Recognizing Children's Ministry Volunteers

Personal Ways to Invite Easter Visitors Back for VBS

3 Ways to Prepare for Christmas Visitors

How Churches Can Be There For College Students

Have You Considered Church Work?

How to Celebrate Baptism Birthdays

Welcoming a New Staff Member to Your Church

Self-Doubt in Ministry

Building Connections between Church Workers and the Community

How to Welcome Easter Visitors to Your Church

Simple but Hard: 6 Ways to Share the Awesome Power of the Gospel

Faithfully Caring for the LGBT Community as Christians

Call Day Encouragement for Wives

How to Celebrate Faith Milestones at Your Church

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