Serve Your Neighbors in the Continuation of a Pandemic

We live in a weird time—not only are we still in the midst of a global pandemic, but we also are living in an in-between time.

Some churches are open, others are not. Some people are back at work, others are not. Living in the in-between means everyone is at a different point, making it hard to serve one another. Your elderly parents might be vaccinated, but you might still not be able to see them. Your church might be open, but you might not feel comfortable attending services in person yet.

No matter what point you’re at, you can still serve your neighbor! Here are some situations where you can serve your neighbor in the current in-between time.

Serving Your Neighbors

If you feel comfortable going outside, you can serve your neighbors who are homebound or feel more comfortable staying indoors. Offer to go to the grocery store to do their shopping or drop their packages off at the post office. These little errands aren’t possible for everyone at this time, so offering to serve in that way can be a huge help.

If you are more comfortable staying indoors, you can still serve those around you. Text your neighbors to see if they want to do a virtual game night, or see if your friends want to “get dinner” together at home over Zoom. Or maybe your small group Bible study would like to organize a virtual fundraiser for an organization that is close to your heart.

Even just staying home or social distancing when you do go out is a simple way to serve your neighbor—you’re keeping everyone safe and healthy by limiting your contact with people outside of your household.

Serving Your Congregation

If you are going to church in person, consider how you can serve your church family who aren’t able to attend services yet. Maybe you can deliver the latest edition of Portals of Prayer, or bring their LWML Mite Box back to church for them.
Some church members don’t have access to online services, so you could offer to deliver bulletins, church newsletters, or DVD copies of services to them. You can also consider offering to go over to their house to help them stream the service online. Because many people don’t have the technology to watch services online, you could be an incredible asset by loaning them your phone or iPad on Sundays. Helping people stay connected to their church family in this way can mean a lot.

If you’re primarily attending church by watching services online, you’re certainly not alone! You may feel disconnected from your church family, but there are still lots of ways you can serve those around you. If your church utilizes the chat or comment feature on Zoom or Facebook, interact with fellow attendees.

If your small group Bible study hasn’t been meeting, consider encouraging them to jump on a Zoom call even just to catch up and ask for prayer requests. Be intentional about praying for your brothers and sisters, and follow up with them to see how they’re doing. You can even read a short devotion, like Portals of Prayer, together if time allows.

Serving Your Community

It sounds simple, but if you are blessed to be working during this time, consider using your monetary resources to support those who have lost their jobs or are unable to work. Even just buying a week of groceries, paying part of their rent, or filling up their car with gas can go a long way for someone who is currently unemployed or unable to work. Simply ask your neighbor what they need and provide that to them if you have the opportunity!

There are also creative ways to help those around you, even if your financial resources might be limited. If you feel comfortable, you can venture outside of your home in a safe way to serve others around you or in your community. Offer to drive someone without a driver’s license to the store or a doctor’s appointment. Or maybe you will consider volunteering at a local food pantry, homeless shelter, or vaccination site. If you’re still in the bread-making phase of quarantine, drop some loaves off at your friends’ houses with notes of encouragement!

Share how you’re serving in the in-between!

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