National Day of Prayer Activities

It’s the National Day of Prayer. Today, people all over the country are going to be bowing their heads in prayer for the nation. We should always pray, but this year, our need for a Savior is highlighted, and the desire to pray for our world may be amplified. With everything going on, we see how broken our world is. We see that our answer for significance or safety is found in Christ. Today, on the National Day of Prayer, I invite you to participate—and invite others to participate as well—with these activities.

Start Your Morning

I am not a morning person. I don’t like waking up. I find it difficult to start my day, no matter how early or how late I plan on getting up. We read and hear about many people beginning their day with prayer throughout history, but if you’re like me, on this National Day of Prayer, you may not have prayed yet this morning. I would encourage you to pray now. Using Luther’s Morning Prayer, reflect and pray for the day ahead.

Prayer Walk

I know that I have been taking more walks for leisure lately than I probably ever have in my life. If you have a newfound love of taking walks like me, consider adding prayer to your walking routine today. Prayer-walking has become a popular activity for many Christians. Essentially, going on a prayer walk means that while you are walking, you stop to pray for the people and places you see.

While you’re walking, you may see people or places that remind you to pray for a specific thing, and you may find it easier to pray for those direct needs. A playground with no children may prompt you to pray for the well-being of young ones who might not be able to understand what is going on. Passing by a restaurant may remind you to pray for business owners making tough decisions. Walking past a flagpole may prompt prayer for our country’s leaders.

Window Display

I’ve seen many people transforming their windows into masterpieces. From painting for a stained glass effect to putting paper palms on the glass for Holy Week, people have gotten very creative with their windows. Today is another chance to decorate your window to bring a bit of hope to others. Print out a coloring page and use construction paper to create a display that shows what you are praying about. If you live with others, print out enough copies for each member of your household. Encourage them to each think of something or someone unique to pray about today. Once they’ve written who or what they’ll be praying for, pray out loud for each of them. 1 John 5:14 says, “And this is the confidence that we have toward Him, that if we ask anything according to His will He hears us.” Putting the colored pages up in your window, among other construction paper cutouts or watered-down paint, will remind people in your community that you are praying for them.

Prayer Chain

Last week, we released a prayer chain activity. If you have little ones, this activity can be a reminder to pray throughout the day. If you do not have young ones in your household, this activity is still beneficial. Set an alarm (on your phone or elsewhere) each hour to use the activity sheet to set prayer prompts. Each time your alarm goes off, pray for what is listed. Or do the activity as intended and enjoy the reminder to pray throughout the day.

In the Evening

My preferred time to pray is at night. Maybe it’s a cultural thing, subconsciously picked up from watching TV shows and movies where people pray for something before going to sleep. Or maybe it’s just that that’s the moment when no one is demanding my attention, and it’s easier to block out distractions. Who knows? Whatever the reason, today, remember to pray at the end of the day. Take time to pray Luther’s Evening Prayer or pray off the cuff. Don’t forget to praise God and thank Him for everything He did for you during the day—and pray for tomorrow as well.

If you’re going to observe the National Day of Prayer with any of these activities, we would love to join in your prayers. Tag us on Instagram and Facebook with your pictures from each activity. We pray this day will draw you close to the Lord.

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