Redeeming Life Outreach Ministries Gives Hope to Women in Crisis

There are many ways to share God’s Word with those who need it during struggles or challenges in life. A simple method to spread the Good News to those in need is to provide Bibles in easy-to-read and guided formats.

Concordia Gospel Outreach (CGO), a ministry of Concordia Publishing House (CPH), donated a supply of Today’s Light Devotional Bible to Redeeming Life Outreach Ministries (RLOM) in early 2023. These donations support RLOM residents by providing God’s Word in an accessible layout. The Bibles were sent to the organization’s first location in central Florida as well as its new home in Illinois.

RLOM’s mission is to uplift the lives of single pregnant mothers and their children by providing hope, love, and a future with their Christ-centered maternity homes.

Missional and Individual Impact

Copies of CPH’s Today’s Light Devotional Bible have been used by RLOM for several years to provide residents with flexible Bible-reading plans and easy-to-read devotional commentaries. Mothers and their children can explore sections of the Bible for twenty minutes a day using this edition, which means a lot for RLOM’s mission to foster spiritual wellness and Bible-reading habits among their families.

“Because God’s Word is so central to our mission, we offer the hope of Jesus’ redeeming love to ladies in crisis. We begin their stay by gifting them a beautiful Bible. For many, it becomes a treasured possession full of notes and underlined verses,” said RLOM Executive Director Sheryl DeWitt.

RLOM’s holistic program of spiritual teaching and training draws in mothers from a wide variety of backgrounds. While many have heard of Jesus, very few women who come to RLOM for support have begun their faith walk with Him. That’s why the organization collaborates with CGO to help residents’ babies grow up hearing the Bible while resting in their mother’s arms.

“As a pastor, I want to share the power of God’s Word. We decided years ago that every single woman who passed through Redeeming Life had to receive her very own Bible. Some women don’t stay long, but we send them out with a Bible regardless. God’s Word has the power to save, and we pray He will continue to work His saving grace in her heart whether she stays with us or moves along. We trust God’s power and promises,” said Rev. Ed DeWitt, president of Redeeming Life Outreach Ministries.

Inspired Voices

Many residents of RLOM have been impacted by the gift of a Today’s Light Devotional Bible during their stay with the ministry. They shared sentiments that the Bibles stirred their hearts toward Jesus and kick-started their faith journeys*:

“I enjoy learning lessons from the Bible characters who went through similar struggles I have endured and still do as a single woman and mother at twenty-seven years of age. Processing my experiences and receiving wisdom from the Bible gives me hope and shows the mighty power of Christ at work in the Bible characters’ lives as well as my own life. It is comforting to know I am not alone.”

“Rather than me asking, ‘Why is this happening to me, God?’ I began questioning, ‘What do You want me to learn from this and how can You use my experience to help someone else?’ I pondered what my purpose was and how I could change the world around me and show others who God is by leading them to Him and bringing them closer to Him.

“I pray all throughout the day and spend time alone with God in prayer, and by reading His Word, I learn more about who He is and who I was created to be. My identity is found in Christ and Christ alone.”

*Quotes from RLOM residents used with permission.

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