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Life as a CPH VBS Intern

Ever wonder what it's really like to be a CPH VBS intern?

This year's summer interns, Karle and Anna, recently sat down with us to share some insights into their experience. As they experienced VBS first-hand, Karle and Anna worked on a variety of projects, including setting up decorations, writing blog posts, visiting churches, and helping put together materials for next year. They worked with our VBS developers and editors to create a VBS with Purpose—the kind of VBS experience where children hear about Jesus every day and in every way. Let's see what Karle and Anna said about their internship experience working with VBS.

What made you so excited about working with Vacation Bible School, specifically?

Karle: Kids! You get to work with the material that is going out to those kids, so if you can’t be directly involved in it, you can be behind the scenes working for those kids. It's awesome to think of all the kids that will hear about Jesus' love for them through VBS.

Anna: I thought about it from the other perspective, the adult leader perspective. I grew up watching my mom being one of the core leaders at my church's VBS. Even when I was little, I was up front helping her with music. VBS week was always one of the high points of the summer—I just remember having so much fun and always enjoyed helping. Hearing how the kids would remember the previous year’s VBS was so cool to see!

Anna Bible Challenge
Anna at Bible challenge.

What was your favorite part of your internship?

Anna: Getting to share my ideas with the editors, helping share my insights on the guides, working to improve the product, applying my own experience. Learning the ins and outs of CPH, listening to how everyone on my team works and pays attention to the details—to make sure that we're creating a VBS with Purpose!

Karle: I really enjoy the people that make the workplace. It’s cool that CPH wants us for our specific talents and gifts. They really try to harness that with what we’re doing and put us in a spot where we will do our best work. I think that’s really great! They treat us like we are valued and they want us here.

Anna: Yeah, you’re not just limited to your job or your job description. Wanting our unique perspectives, even though we’re interns, has been really great!

Karle Storytelling
Karle at storytelling.

What's in a VBS with Purpose?
Every VBS lesson clearly distinguishes between God’s Law and His Gospel. Children learn God’s will for their lives and how the Law has been fulfilled for them in the person and work of Jesus Christ. At the center of every lesson is the Gospel: God’s gracious gift of Jesus as the Savior from sin, death, and the devil.

What’s the most applicable new skill you learned?

Karle: Everything! For me, a big thing is honing my craft and improving my writing skill, because that can be used in so many different places. Also, I enjoyed learning better ways to reach out to customers, churches, etc., and how that all fits together with our mission of sharing the Gospel with kids.

Anna: I would say more the critical thinking side of things. The developers and editors helped me evaluate what’s written, think through it, ask questions, and suggest where things can improve.

VBS with Purpose developers:
- employ the real-life experience of professional and volunteer teachers and administrators as consultants, authors, and editors.
- apply strategies and methodology suggested by current and emerging research.
- listen to and seek feedback from customers to provide products that best meet their needs.

What was it like being here for VBS promo day, when we held a mini VBS at the office?

Karle: I loved it! It was fun being around kids at work, because it didn’t feel like work.

Anna: It was so cool watching the kids use those props and scenes that I had helped set up. I loved getting ready for VBS promo day and playing around in the scenes. I enjoyed seeing see the kids go through VBS even before it had been released. I loved that I was part of something bigger. I was part of helping kids hear about the Gospel!

Intern Anna Anna at promo day.

VBS touches many lives. It's more that just the crafts or snacks; it's that children leave VBS each day knowing that there is a Savior, and that His name is Jesus. We are so thankful for Karle and Anna's contributions toward creating a VBS with Purpose.

We invite you to learn more about the CPH's internship program on our website.



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