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Inspire Wonder with VBS Decorations

A nervous child steps out of the car. She looks up at the weird-looking building with a steeple and lots of people going inside. This child never has been to a church but is going to VBS with friends from her neighborhood. The right VBS decorations could bring her in and could help her forget her nervousness.

A couple children hop out of their car and run into the building they come to every week. They know every nook and cranny of this building. They know the best places to hide. But when they step in, they are not in the normal setting. They are in a “new world.” This hook gets their attention back in a new way. It creates wonder in a place of familiarity.

Both “types” of children are positively influenced by great decorations at your Vacation Bible School. I encourage you to create a new setting for children. Build an atmosphere in which memories will be made. Let the children's excitement and wonder work in your favor. However, these children are not the only ones who can benefit from VBS Decorations. Your decorations can help with advertising, church relationships, and each child's experience.

Connecting Crafts with the Mission of VBS

“Oh my! That is so cute! What a clever idea!”

This kind of compliment has met my ears when my students take home a project they have done in class. It is a sweet compliment meant to say, “Teacher! You are so creative. Great work with the kids!” but they aren’t really commenting on the learning that happened during or leading up to the project. That is what I most care about, even if it is nice that parents are impressed visually.

The cute factor is a familiar trap we all can face when planning crafts and art projects. It is an easy temptation to desire the cute compliment but do not succumb! Instead, keep your focus on the mission of crafts—to connect hands and hearts with the Bible lesson and reinforce the Gospel message from God's Word.

How to Find Super Leaders for VBS

What's a VBS Super Leader?

Super Leaders are kind of like super heroes! These committed volunteers are just regular people, who, at some point, had a VBS director match their skill set and willing heart with a VBS role especially suited for them. Here are some insights on how to match your Super Leaders with their gifts and strengths.

VBS Decorations on a Dime

With each new theme comes an exciting opportunity to wow your volunteers and kids with a fun new environment. VBS decorations are more than just fun—they also give kids important cues about the Bible stories. However, it’s not always easy to find the right decorations within a church’s VBS budget.

4 Steps to Set Your VBS Budget

It's vital to have a well thought-out VBS budget in place to help pave the way for effective planning. It's also important to gather input and share the budget with the team to encourage transparency and good communication. A clear budget frees everyone involved to make wise decisions. Here are four steps for setting your VBS budget.

3 Steps to Start VBS Planning

It’s never too early to start thinking about your upcoming VBS program! When is the best time to start planning? How often should you check in with your team along the way? Read this post and download our free VBS Planning Calendar to get a jump start on this year’s program.

Creative VBS Fundraiser Ideas

Though Vacation Bible School season has come to an end, it's never too early to start thinking about next summer's VBS. Now is the perfect time to get church members on board with the new theme and think about VBS fundraisers to garner the support and income you need for this important children's ministry. From car washes to bake sales, there are so many fun ways to encourage funding, teamwork, and enthusiasm for VBS. Here's a list to get you started.

4 Ways to Thank Your VBS Volunteers

Encouraging your volunteers is an investment in the future of children’s ministry. Volunteer support doesn't have to cost a lot, it just needs to be intentional. Here's some low-cost (and some no-cost) ideas for volunteer appreciation that we think you'll find useful!

Servant Heart and Vacation Bible School

I was a high school counselor for a reason. Give me a group of teenagers, and I’ll take them to work camp any day. Put me in front of a classroom full of wide-eyed, naïve college freshmen. Small groups? Teen moms? Juvenile delinquents? I can handle those populations and would even look forward to it.

Vacation Bible School started today.

Confession: Vacation Bible School (VBS) isn’t my gig.

Tips for Creating Great VBS Photos

VBS photos always look wonderful in the product catalogs. The kids are smiling, laughing, and looking at the camera. At a glance, it seems so easy! Thankfully, you can take great VBS photos too. Here are some tips for improving VBS photos this year.