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Sharing your VBS Mission Project

Gives children a tangible way to respond to the love of God and serve their neighbor. Through our Mission Project, Tin Roofs for Africa, we’ll gather offerings to show the love and mercy of Christ by providing tin and other supplies for Lutheran church roofs in Africa. Then men, women, and children can have a better place to worship God and learn about the amazing love of Jesus—rain or shine! Specifically, our offering can provide tin for the roofs, wood for the church structure, nails, and toolboxes with hammers, saws, and other tools! Our mission partner is The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod.

Share the Mission Project at VBS

First, get familiar with Tin Roofs for Africa. Check out the project website, lcms.org/tinroofs for the most current resources. The Mission Brochure in the Starter Kit and the five videos on the Opening/Closing DVD explain how this project will share God’s love and mercy in Christ with children and families. Show the Mission Project Videos (on your Overview DVD; included in your Starter Kit) during Opening or Closing to enlist the support of children, parents, and church members. The Opening Leader can offer a prayer asking God to bless these offerings and the service through the work of Tin Roofs for Africa. Enlist a Mission Leader to help the Opening and Closing Leader. They can plan activities to involve children, parents, and the congregation in the VBS mission project.

Publicize the Mission Project

The details for the Mission Project are in the brochure in the Starter Kit. The brochure opens up into a poster you can use to track the gifts given. Use the poster as part of your display. Locate your display near your Opening Site or wherever you feature this Mission Project. Share information, inspire, and show current offerings with a display. There are instructions for a Mission Project display in the Leader’s Guide, as well as in the Decorating Videos on the Overview DVD and on the Director CD. Use our 5 mission moment videos to show kids the needs of the African people. This tool is a great way to define and demonstrate, in tangible ways, that kids can make a difference and how they can do it.  Their simple response can impact the lives of God’s people across the globe.

Keep track of Mission Project offerings.

Use the poster to keep track of offerings and visually illustrate gifts you have received. Be sure to report daily progress so kids can see their faith in action and how God can work through them. A submission form is located in the brochure. A prepaid envelope for this specific project is inserted in the brochure. Complete the form and send it with your gift in the envelope provided. Make your check payable to The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, and include IM0016MKXVBH000 on your check memo line for proper credit to this project.

If you misplace the form and envelope, send offerings to The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, P.O. Box 66861, St. Louis, MO 63166-6861. Include the congregation or group name, contact person name, address, city, state, phone, email, and project codes IM0016MKXVBH000 and A16155-61045.

The two codes and the P.O. Box 66861 are specific to this project and are very important. They get your gift to the right place! To make a credit card gift, you can call the donor care line at 888-930-4438 or online at lcms.org/tinroofs.

Written by

Sarah Maney

Sarah Maney loves being a part of children's ministry. A mother of two, Sunday school teacher, and avid fan of Vacation Bible School, Sarah loves helping children learn about Jesus.



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