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Defending the Faith: Martin Luther Holds True to His Theses

Defending Lutheran beliefs can be difficult, especially against those who fervently believe differently than you. Martin Luther had to defend his theses against hostile adversaries, including Pope Leo X. Talk about a difficult battle! Lutherans commemorate him today to show thanks for his faithfulness to doctrine and to give God thanks for granting Dr. Luther the strength to profess the true faith to all who would listen. In honor of his commemoration, read a passage from a sermon given by one of his students, Johann Mathesius, from Luther’s Works, Companion Volume, Sixteenth-Century Biographies of Martin Luther.

Luther’s Catechism Series: The Ten Commandments Part 1

The First Commandment, “You shall have no other gods before Me,” is one of the most important to the Christian faith. Read Albrecht Peters’ Commentary on Luther’s Catechisms, Ten Commandments below. 

Luther on the Confession of Saint Peter

In the words of Matthew 16, we witness something incredible. We watch as Peter recognizes who Jesus really is. On January 18, the Church celebrates this confession. In an excerpt from Luther's Works on this event, we see the joy found in Peter identifying the Christ.

What Was Martin Luther's Best Book?

The posting of the 95 Theses set into motion the events that would lead to a reformation and purification of the public teaching and practice in the Western Church, especially in Germany. At this time, therefore, it is good and right to consider what those writings were which moved the Reformation forward and set forth the Gospel in its purity.

The Baptism of Our Lord

Old Testament Reading

What Luther Says about Fathers

In honor of fathers, read what Martin Luther had to say about parents. The following excerpt from the great reformer Martin Luther is taken from What Luther Says, a collection of more than 5,100 quotations on 200 subjects gleaned from his writings.

Luther on Baptism

The observance of the Baptism of Our Lord offers the opportunity to reflect on the significance of Baptism in the life of a Christian. What exactly occurs when water and the Word are applied to a sinful human being? Luther addressed this life-giving Sacrament in a sermon on John 20:19–31 included in his Church Postil, though the passage the reformer focuses on in this section is 1 John 5:6: “This is the one who comes with water and blood.”