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Recent Posts by Concordia Publishing House

Enrich Sunday School with Arch Books

We love it when our customers tell us about their ideas. Recently, a pastor in Baltimore called to share that his church was starting their Sunday School back up again. He also mentioned that he thought it would be a great idea to use Arch Books as part of Sunday School. We agree! In fact, most of our Sunday School lessons do tie in with an Arch Book. These are listed on our Sunday School Director CDs, but we have also compiled them here to make the list even more accessible. In addition, we have some creative ideas for using Arch Books in your Sunday School lessons. Check them out below.

Teaching Epiphany in Sunday School

For some children, Epiphany may be a familiar time of the Church Year. Others may wonder what Epiphany means. Here's a simple way to teach about Epiphany.

Practical Suggestions for Teaching Children at Church

The glazed looks. The distant stares. When you're teaching kids at church, it can be hard to know if anything is really sinking in! In her book Authentic Youth Ministry: Straight Talk about Working with Kids, Teens, and In-Betweens, Cassie Moore shares personal stories of her experience in youth ministry. Below are some of her tried-and-true strategies to help you work more confidently with your students and embrace the privilege of seeing them grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus.

How Can You Bring Christmas Alive for Kids?

In the hustle and bustle of church life surrounding the holidays, it seems children don’t always get the opportunity to worship at their own level. Sure, they seem to be performing something around the holidays, whether it is in the children’s choir or the Christmas pageant. However, do they really get the concept of worship? Do they understand the true meaning of Christmas in a highly secular world? What if there was a way to captivate children in a worship setting so they could truly understand how much God loves them? Could there be a time when, on their own level, they get to experience the birth of Christ and learn about Him through Word, music, and message?

6 Family-Friendly Advent Ideas

Waiting does not come naturally for children. And yet, the Advent season is all about waiting, hope, and anticipation for Jesus’ birth. Special services at your church help families celebrate the coming of Jesus. A wreath of candles placed near the altar commemorate the passing of the four weeks of Advent, and the appearance of purple pastor stoles and church banners reminds us of repentance. To further help children appreciate the meaning behind this season of anticipation, we’ve made a list of Advent ideas to prepare young hearts and minds for Christmas during the Advent season.

5 Tips for Praising Kids’ Behavior

A positive and nurturing environment is key for any VBS or children’s ministry event. But what’s the best way to redirect kids’ behavior when they aren’t listening? Maintaining the fine line between having fun and keeping things in order can sometimes be easier said than done.

Strengthening Relationships with Families at Your Church

As the Body of Christ, we’re all connected and called to love and serve one another. Serving the families in your midst is vital for strengthening your children’s ministry. Here are a few ways to help families get connected so that they will feel comfortable attending VBS and other children’s ministry events.

I Didn't Know Our Sunday School Had . . . Opening Options

Here they come! McKenna just finished her breakfast, with a milk mustache to prove it. Jaxon is already sleepy after a full morning of getting ready and attending the early service. Dillon is wanting to show off his new hat to his buddies, but Ellowyn isn’t sure she wants to leave her mama’s side.

3 Easy Ways to Share the Gospel with Kids

What's the best way to share the Gospel with children? Whether you're a children's ministry volunteer or leader, it's important to have a multitude of methods for sharing God's free gift of salvation with children. In her book Energizing Your Children's Ministryauthor Cynthia Brown shares how to communicate the Gospel to kids in understandable and engaging ways. Use these three easy tips for sharing the Good News of Jesus' love and forgiveness with your kids at your next VBS or children's ministry event.

Searching for VBS Crafts and Snacks on Social Media

Most kids and volunteers love VBS crafts and snacks—some more than others. While Splash Canyon will have plenty of fun crafts and tasty treat ideas for kids in 2018, it’s always good to have a few options on hand. We’ve listed some tips for finding the best craft and snack ideas on social media. Happy browsing!