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Recent Posts by Concordia Publishing House

Why Routine Matters in Your Children's Ministry Program

Do you adapt easily to change? While change can be a learning opportunity, it can also be stressful—especially for children. Routines offer consistency that helps children feel comfortable and ready to learn. As a children's ministry teacher or volunteer, you may have your students only a few times a week, making routine even more crucial for a harmonious learning environment. In the following excerpt from Discipline in Christian ClassroomsRebecca Fisher explains why establishing and following a routine is so important, and offers suggestions for implementing a routine in your children's ministry classes and events.

Interview with CPH's 2018 VBS Interns

We always love having interns at CPH, and this year was no exception! We sat down with our VBS interns, Jayme and Adele, to talk about their experience this summer at CPH.

Talking about VBS Lessons at Home

You pick up your children at Vacation Bible School and you can't wait to hear about their day. But instead of sharing what they've learned, they're tired, or hungry, or just reticent about their day. Or maybe they are overflowing with fun details! Either way, here's how you can be intentional when it comes to talking with your kids about each day's VBS lessons.

Encouraging and Involving Parents

Parenting is tough work. It is a demanding vocation when there are two committed, Christian parents in the home. It is ever harder when there are any of the all-too-common complications—single parents, joint custody, to name a few—and the reality of sin and the temptation of the devil and the world. In short, most parents need help.

4 Ideas to Teach Kids about Easter

For many children Easter can center around egg hunts, Easter baskets, and chocolate candy. How do you help them understand what Holy Week and Easter is all about? Here are four fun, thought-provoking ideas to help you teach children about Jesus' death and celebrate His resurrection with them on Easter Sunday.

How to Find Super Leaders for VBS

What's a VBS Super Leader?

Super Leaders are kind of like super heroes! These committed volunteers are just regular people, who, at some point, had a VBS director match their skill set and willing heart with a VBS role especially suited for them. Here are some insights on how to match your Super Leaders with their gifts and strengths.

Three Tips for Easy Sunday School Teacher Prep

For many of our students, the lessons we teach enhance the things they are learning in worship and at home. For some, these lessons are the only opportunities they have to hear the saving Gospel. We want to share the Gospel effectively. We strive to find time for lesson preparation. Here are three easy tips that will sneak additional preparation time into your busy schedule.

VBS Decorations on a Dime

With each new theme comes an exciting opportunity to wow your volunteers and kids with a fun new environment. VBS decorations are more than just fun—they also give kids important cues about the Bible stories. However, it’s not always easy to find the right decorations within a church’s VBS budget.

Experience the Passion Story with Journey to the Cross

We hear about the Passion story at church. We read about it. But what would it be like to experience it?

4 Steps to Set Your VBS Budget

It's vital to have a well thought-out VBS budget in place to help pave the way for effective planning. It's also important to gather input and share the budget with the team to encourage transparency and good communication. A clear budget frees everyone involved to make wise decisions. Here are four steps for setting your VBS budget.