Faith Development in Adulthood

Having finished confirmation, Sunday School, and youth group, some adults feel like their faith lives have plateaued. The demands of maintaining a home, a job, school, and relationships with friends and family can leave adults feeling drained. On the other hand, adults who struggle to find meaning in their daily work can feel restless. Without regular classes or caregivers to guide their faith, adults need support from the church community to keep faith their number-one priority.

Young Adults

As they transition out of high school and into work or college, young adults may feel overwhelmed. They may struggle with figuring out what they will do with their lives. Help them identify things they enjoy doing and are good at, and teach them what God says about vocation. Encourage young adults to read about vocation in the Small Catechism and to pray about ways God can use their talents to spread His love.

Middle Adults

At the peak of their industry, middle adults may feel busy, busy, busy. Quiet time to themselves can be just what they need to stay connected to their faith. Encourage them to spend regular time in God’s Word by themselves; maybe suggest one half-hour period per week. They can also use this time to journal their prayers to focus on self-reflection and bringing their own needs to God, as they spend so much time focusing on the needs of others.

Older Adults

Transitioning to retirement can leave some older adults feeling restless and in need of an outlet for their energy. Help them identify ways they would like to get involved at church or in the community to serve others, and encourage them to pray that God presents opportunities to serve.

Adults who are homebound may need help meeting their emotional needs. Match up these people with members who can visit them or call them regularly, study the Bible with them, and spend time doing things with them they enjoy.

Enduring Faith Bible Curriculum helps adults grow in their faith and equips them to share the Gospel with others. Click on the link below to learn more about these resources to support lifelong faith growth.

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