Books of the Bible Study Questions: John

The apostle John wrote the book of the Bible by his same name to address the false teachings of a man named Cerinthus, who argued that Jesus was not the divine Son of God. John’s purpose for this book is succinctly summed up in 20:31, “These are written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in His name.”

Books of the Bible Study Questions: Proverbs

As you journey through the Book of Proverbs, use these free Bible study helps to guide you.

Books of the Bible Study Questions: Song of Solomon

Introduction to Song of Solomon

The Book Song of Solomon focuses on the love God designed to be shared between husband and wife. Through that relationship, the Lord Jesus gives us a glimpse of His intense love for us, and the yearning He wishes to stir up in our hearts as we await His return on Judgment Day.

Books of the Bible Study Questions: Hebrews

The Book of Hebrews focuses on Jesus’ fulfillment of and superiority to every institution in the Old Testament. Use this overview and download free study questions to guide your reading.

Books of the Bible Study Questions: Job

Read the Book of Job with these free study helps. You’ll find comfort in God’s message of grace, knowing that He has not turned against you, nor is He punishing you for your sins. Cling to your Redeemer—He will sustain you in the midst of suffering.

Books of the Bible Study Questions: Mark

Mark, the writer of the Gospel book by the same name, used the word immediately to highlight the power behind Jesus’ many miracles and to  show the fickle excitement of the crowds who would later turn against Him. As you read this Gospel, you’ll be reminded that Jesus is God’s Son, our only Savior.

Books of the Bible Study Questions: Revelation

We often keep the Book of Revelation at a distance. We acknowledge its presence, maybe even daring to flip through to find the verse about God wiping tears from our eyes, but we rarely study this book. It intimidates us with its cryptic symbols and apocalyptic visions. With this overview and Bible study questions, you can feel confident reading Revelation, looking forward to the day we are united with Christ in the life everlasting!

Books of the Bible Study Questions: Luke

The Book of Luke is commonly known for the story of Jesus’ birth that is recounted in chapter two. But this Gospel unfolds as a journey that Luke has recorded in chronological order. Luke, writing to a student named Theophilus, wrote the story of Jesus’ life based on interviews with eyewitnesses, and he set forth his Gospel in an orderly narrative. As you walk through the Book of Luke, you can rejoice in the central truth that is proclaimed—that Jesus Christ is Lord of all!

Books of the Bible Study Questions: Psalms

The Psalms express deep feelings. They tap into the depths of our hearts, our emotions, and our experiences. It is easy to identify with the range of emotions covered in the Psalms: frustration and worry, thanksgiving and worship, begging for help or crying out for forgiveness, wondering at God’s Word and His wisdom, anger at God’s enemies, or sheer, jubilant praise. Walk through select Psalms with these study helps.

Books of the Bible Study Questions: Romans

Reading the Book of Romans reminds us of the heart of Christianity: justification through faith in Christ Jesus. Rejoice in this reminder as you read through this epistle, using these free downloadable questions to guide your study.

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