Books of the Bible Study Questions: Romans

Reading the Book of Romans reminds us of the heart of Christianity: justification through faith in Christ Jesus. Rejoice in this reminder as you read through this epistle, using these free downloadable questions to guide your study.

Introduction to Romans

Paul writes this letter to Christians he has not yet met but intends to visit soon. Since he has not preached in Rome, he writes a full and rich account of God’s plan of salvation through faith in His Son and encourages the Romans to live as Christians in this sinful world. Martin Luther thought so highly of this letter he recommended that all Christians memorize the whole book.

Context of Romans

The city of Rome was the capital of the Roman Empire. Paul probably learned of the congregation in Rome from his dear friends, Aquila and Prisca (Priscilla), the couple who had been banished from Rome with all other Jews by Emperor Claudius (who reigned from AD 41 to 54). The Romans were so touched by this epistle, they traveled thirty or forty miles to meet Paul as he was being brought as a prisoner to Rome.

Purpose of Romans

Paul defends the heart of Christianity— justification through faith in Christ Jesus. He wrote this letter near the close of his third missionary journey in the east. Seeing that he had done most of the church planting he could in the eastern empire, he looked to travel throughout the western part of the Empire and sought the support of the Roman Christians. He possibly intended to make Rome the center of his missionary efforts into present-day Spain.

Outline of Romans

  1. Paul begins by establishing the guilt of every person—and asserting the fact that God will judge and punish sin.
  2. Paul then shows that Jesus already took that punishment for sin in our place on the cross. By faith we receive that forgiveness without cost.
  3. Next, Paul addresses how the righteousness from God helps us when we are feeling guilty, trapped in habitual sins, or overwhelmed by life’s problems.
  4. After three chapters that discuss the position of the Jews, Paul closes with practical guidelines for living as God’s people.

Learn more about the book of Romans using these free downloadable study questions.

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