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Books of the Bible Study Questions: Song of Solomon

Introduction to Song of Solomon

The Book Song of Solomon focuses on the love God designed to be shared between husband and wife. Through that relationship, the Lord Jesus gives us a glimpse of His intense love for us, and the yearning He wishes to stir up in our hearts as we await His return on Judgment Day.

Authorship of Song of Solomon

Song of Solomon was written by David’s son, King Solomon. In 1 Kings 4:32, we learn that King Solomon wrote 1,005 songs. The first verse calls this the “Song of Songs,” indicating that this was the greatest song Solomon composed. As a song, this was no doubt sung with musical accompaniment.

Purpose of Song of Solomon

Song of Solomon teaches us about God’s gift of sexuality. It is a strong and beautiful thing when used as God designed it within the marriage of a man and a woman. Solomon guides us through the courtship process, showing the great restraint of the lover and his beloved as they control their desires through their betrothal period and reserve their sexual activity for their wedding night. It concludes with the married couple enjoying God’s gracious gift as they delight to live with each other.

This book can be a great blessing to married couples who relive their courtship and celebrate the love and passion God created between them. Single people who read this book are reminded of the value of self-control and abstinence and the assurance that it is worth waiting for the incredibly beautiful gift of marital love.

But beyond these earthly gifts, Song of Solomon speaks of a higher love, the love between Jesus Christ and His Bride, the Church—all believers. Just like the biblical betrothals, Jesus has taken us as His Bride and laid down His life on the cross to purify us from our sins and make us worthy to be His for all eternity. With His ascension, He is at the Father’s right hand, preparing a home in heaven for us. Now we wait with longing for His return on Judgment Day, when He will take us away from this sad earthly life, and bring us to the joys and pleasures of life in His presence forevermore.

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