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Bible Trivia Games: Creation and the Fall

On what day did God create the animals of the sea? What did Adam and Eve use to clothe themselves after they sinned against God?

Can your youth answer these questions confidently? Sometimes a nudge toward the correct Biblical answer is all they need.

This set of Bible trivia games focuses on Creation and the Fall. Dive into God’s Word with your youth/small group, Sunday School, Midweek Bible study, or confirmation class! Engage youth and learn more about these stories. Topics included in this set are the days of Creation, the Garden of Eden, how God created Adam, and how Satan tempted Eve.

Sometimes it’s easy to bypass the most basic, yet important, questions when we think we already know the answers. It’s so important to dig into a Bible story with your youth and test their knowledge in a fun and engaging way! We’ve created questions for your youth on Kahoot in addition to a fun list of other interactive games.

If you want to take it a step further, here are some games related to the trivia questions you can play with your group:

We hope you have a blast with these activities and benefit from this series of blog posts! For more material and fun, check back soon for the next post in our Bible Trivia Series.



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