A Different Kind of Memorial Day

This Memorial Day will, for many of us, look a lot different this year. We likely won’t have huge family cookouts, watch any parades, or visit any cemeteries to remember loved ones. But that doesn’t mean we can’t remember the true meaning of Memorial Day, in addition to maybe a few extra remembrances.

Prayer, Peace, and Pestilence: Psalm 91 and Today

Lately, a specific Bible passage has been popping up frequently for me. A note from a college friend, a post in a Facebook group, and a random opening of my Bible have all brought my attention to Psalm 91. I’ll be honest, the first couple of times I noticed people referencing it, I ignored it. I thought I’d look at it later; after all, there was too much to worry about for me to open my Bible. (Isn’t that always the excuse?)

But last night, I couldn’t sleep. I was tossing and turning and just wide awake. I finally decided that I had the time to read my Bible. And I knew exactly where I should turn to: Psalm 91.

Prayers for Holy Week

Holy Week is traditionally a solemn time (until Easter, that is!) when Christians around the world meditate on the betrayal, death, and burial of our Lord Jesus.

5 Prayers to Use in Times of Turmoil

Times of turmoil can leave us shaken. We are reminded that we are not the ones in control. It teaches us that no day is guaranteed. But we can feel comforted knowing that Jesus is still on the throne. During this unprecedented time of canceled plans and, if we’re being honest with ourselves, panic around the world, spending time in prayer is very necessary.

Fancy Prayers and Simple Words

The number one comment I hear from people about prayer is this: “If only I could pray like that.”

I think we often see the prayers we pray in church or that pour from our pastor’s mouth as “fancy” prayers. I admire lovely words, so on the one hand, I really appreciate prayers that use lovely words in such a way that they sound fancy, holy, and absolutely worthy of a God who is just that—very worthy. Fancy, prewritten prayers definitely have benefits. They keep us on a straight path so that we don’t end up saying something that contradicts God’s Word because we haven’t given it a thought ahead of time.

When It Feels like God Isn’t Hearing Your Prayers

You have a request. Maybe it’s big, maybe it’s small.

God, I want a spouse. A baby. Healing. A new job. Reconciliation. Rest.

You cry to God—the only thing you know to do in a situation like this. Day in and day out, you feel like you’re flinging your supplications up to God only to have them fall back down on your bowed head.

Unanswered. Unheard. At least, that’s how it seems.

7 Ways to Pray for Parents at Your Church

Some parents may not realize the importance of teaching the faith at home. Here are some simple ways to support these families through prayer.

Luther's Evening Prayer Poster

This prayer has been well loved by the church for years. Luther’s words accompany many of us each night as we talk with God. As Lutherans, we learn this prayer in childhood.

Luther's Morning Prayer Poster Download

Luther's morning prayer has been well loved by the church for years. Luther’s words accompany many of us each morning as we talk with God.

Men Who Pray (and the Women Who Love Them)

I spend a lot of time with women. It’s my vocation, my mission, and it gives me great joy. I am blessed to spend time hearing the stories of women, sharing in their sorrows, and encouraging them in their walk. But wait, this is an article about men. True statement.

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