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Noah (Year C)

Today, we commemorate Noah, faithful follower of God through the flood. We take our devotional reading from Courageous Fathers of the Bible: A Bible Study for Men.

Elizabeth of Hungary (Year C)

Today we celebrate Elizabeth of Hungary, revered for her charity. We commemorate her by reading a brief biography, words from Martin Luther, and a prayer from Treasury of Daily Prayer.

Commemoration of Emperor Justinian

Today, we commemorate Emperor Justinian, Christian ruler and confessor of Christ. We take our devotional reading from Church History: The Basics, speaking historically on Justinian and the debate on the person of Christ in his empire.

Martin of Tours, Pastor (Year C)

In the biography below, we read about the decision by Martin of Tours to become a monk, becoming “Christ’s soldier.” Our devotional reading for today, from Commentary on Ephesians by George Stoeckhardt, revolves around Ephesians 6:10–17 which speaks of putting on the armor of Christ.

Martin Chemnitz, Pastor and Confessor (Year C)

Today, we celebrate Martin Chemnitz’s life. Our devotional reading is adapted from his writing on the Lord’s Supper in Chemnitz’s Works, Volume 5.

Johann von Staupitz, Luther’s Father Confessor

We take our devotional reading from a few narrative letters imagined by Neal E. Snider in Sincerely, Luther. While these letters are fictional, they were researched and written from the theology, biography, and published writings of Luther’s life.

Philipp Nicolai, Johann Heermann, Paul Gerhardt: Hymnwriters

Today, we remember influential hymnwriters Philipp Nicolai, Johann Heermann, and Paul Gerhardt. Our devotional reading about Paul Gerhardt is adapted from Paul Gerhardt as a Hymn Writer and his Influence on English Hymnody by Theodore Brown Hewitt.

Dorcas, Lydia, and Phoebe: the Faithful Women

Today we celebrate Dorcas (also known as Tabitha), Lydia, and Phoebe, the faithful women of the Bible. Dorcas and Lydia we meet in Acts. Phoebe we learn about in Romans as the woman who delivered Paul’s letters. We take our devotional readings for today from Men and Women of the Word by Jaroslav Vajda.

Devotion for the Commemoration of Ignatius of Antioch

Today we commemorate Ignatius of Antioch, both a pastor and martyr, who wrote many epistles during his last days. We take our devotional reading today from Reconciliation and Justification by Theodore Dierks. Today’s prayer is taken from the Lutheran Book of Prayer

Devotion for the Commemoration of Philip the Deacon

Today we commemorate Philip the Deacon. We take our devotional reading and prayer from Celebrating the Saints by William Weedon, speaking on Acts 6 and the works of seven chosen martyrs, including Philip.

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