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Devotion Remembering Johann Walter, the First Lutheran Kantor

Johann Walter helped Luther adapt and create music that worshipers could understand and participate in.

Easter Day Devotion on Luke 24

Christ is risen! God the Father raised His Son from the dead so we can have everlasting life, and He sends us to share this Good News with others. Today we read about the first people God sent to share the Good News of the resurrection: the women who visited the tomb that first Easter morning.

Time between Jesus’ Death and Resurrection: Holy Saturday Devotion

Today we focus on the Gospel of the day, which describes Jesus’ burial and the setting of a guard outside His tomb.

It Is Finished: Good Friday Devotion

“It is finished.” Yes, it is finished on the cross. But living in a world full of sin, sometimes we don’t feel like it is finished.

Maundy Thursday Devotion about Forgiveness in Holy Communion

Jesus knows our sin. But He loves us anyway—so much so that He died on the cross to earn our salvation.

Palm Sunday Devotion about the Last Supper

Jesus didn’t run away from the cross. He went to it willingly, knowing full well the pain it would cause Him. As we read today about the Last Supper, we recognize that He went to the cross for our forgiveness, for our salvation.

The Futility of Our Efforts to Save Ourselves: Devotion for Lent 5

Today we focus on the Epistle, Philippians 3:4b–14, with a devotion from A Year in the Word.

Devotion about Reformation Artists Lucas Cranach and Albrecht Dürer

During the Reformation, art was a means by which the Gospel was made known to many people who couldn’t read or didn’t have access to books.

Devotion about the Prodigal Son for the Fourth Sunday in Lent

Jesus’ parables are full of cultural references, so it can be challenging for today’s readers to grasp the full extent of what Jesus taught.

Devotion about Jesus’ Name for the Annunciation of Our Lord

Today the Church remembers when the angel Gabriel visited Mary to tell her about Christ’s incarnation.