Dr. Daniel Paavola has been teaching the essence of the Lutheran faith for twenty-two years as a professor of theology at Concordia University Wisconsin, where he currently serves as the theology department chairman.

Recent Posts by Daniel Paavola

God’s Gift of the Gospel

The Law of God can be intimidating as it shows our sin and our disobedience to Him.Blessedly, we have the Gospel, which shows us God’s love and how He has saved us in Jesus. The Gospel is just one of God’s many gifts to us as it reassures us of His never-ending forgiveness and love.Read below a section from Grace, Faith, Scripture: Portrait of a Lutheran by Daniel E. Paavola about the Gospel and God’s forgiveness for us.

Explaining Forgiveness: An Illustration Using Soap

This post is adapted from Flowing from the Cross: Six Facets of God’s Forgiveness by Dan Paavola.

These Three Keep Us Together

People know only so much about you. Your neighbors, the people at work, even your friends—they all know only a part of you. However, what they know paints their picture of you.

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