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Recent Posts by Concordia Publishing House

Devotion about Suffering on the Commemoration of Polycarp

Polycarp was a first-century Christian bishop in Smyrna who was martyred for his faith. Today’s devotion talks of the persecution in Smyrna that was foretold in the Book of Revelation and of God’s care for us in our suffering.

Devotion Remembering Martin Luther and His Marriage to Katie

While we remember Martin Luther as a bold theologian, we also remember him as a tender husband and father in his family.

Devotion about Resurrection for the Sixth Sunday after the Epiphany

Today we hear from Luther about the Epistle, specifically verse 20.

Devotion about Christian Freedom from Philipp Melanchthon

Our devotional reading on the commemoration of Philipp Melanchthon comes from an essay Melanchthon himself wrote about Christian liberty.

Valentine, Martyr

Ever wondered how Valentine’s Day came about? It actually started off as the remembrance of a Christian martyr named Valentine. Gradually, it developed into the secular holiday we know today. In the theme of love, our devotion today discusses the truest, deepest love possible: God’s love.

Winning Teachers: National Lutheran Schools Week 2019

We value all teachers who give of their time, their talents, and their hearts to educate others, and we especially give thanks for teachers who share God’s Word with their students. Last week, we asked you to nominate a Lutheran school teacher who has made an impact on your life for a chance to win him or her a CPH gift card. Here’s what you had to say about these hardworking, generous, caring servants of God.

Samson: God's Strongman

Since 1977, athletes from around the world have gathered for a series of contests. The contestants face grueling events that challenge their minds and bodies-torturous events like the giant log lift, the carry and drag, the air­ plane pull, the pillars of Hercules, and the atlas stones.

First Look: How Long, O Lord?

When the first veterans of World War I came home, many were visibly and invisibly broken. Medical and psychiatric care treated their physical and mental ailments, but science could not treat their spiritual injuries. Their concept of who God is and how His world should work was shattered by sin and the devastation that sin has brought on God’s creation and into people’s lives. First responders, victims of domestic abuse, and those ravaged by natural disasters experience this same brokenness, commonly referred to as moral or spiritual injury.

October 2017 Everyday Faith Calendar

Spending time in the Word each day is an investment worth making. Our Everyday Faith calendar makes it easy to start—or continue—a daily habit of Bible reading.

September Everyday Faith Calendar

Summer is coming to an end, and Fall is upon us. This fresh start is a perfect time to start or to continue daily devotions with your family. We have made it easy with this Everyday Faith Calendar.