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Recent Posts by Concordia Publishing House

Pentecost 19 Devotion on Prayer

The Gospel for today comes from Luke 18:1-8. Our devotional reading today is adapted from the Concordia Commentary Luke 9:51–24:53 by Arthur A. Just Jr. 

Devotion for the Feast of St. Luke

Today’s feast is for St. Luke the Evangelist. We take our introduction, devotional reading, and prayer from A Year with the Church Fathers.

Devotion for the Commemoration of Ignatius of Antioch

Today we commemorate Ignatius of Antioch, both a pastor and martyr, who wrote many epistles during his last days. We take our devotional reading today from Reconciliation and Justification by Theodore Dierks. Today’s prayer is taken from the Lutheran Book of Prayer

Pentecost 18 Devotion on Struggle

Today’s Old Testament reading comes from the first chapter of the book of Ruth. The devotion for today is adapted from Ruth: More than a Love Story by Elizabeth Ahlman.

Devotion for the Commemoration of Philip the Deacon

Today we commemorate Philip the Deacon. We take our devotional reading and prayer from Celebrating the Saints by William Weedon, speaking on Acts 6 and the works of seven chosen martyrs, including Philip.

Devotion for the Commemoration of Abraham

Today we commemorate Abraham, the father of nations. We adapt our devotional reading, a chronological timeline of Abraham in the Bible, from From Abraham to Paul: A Biblical Chronology by Andrew E. Steinmann. We take our prayer of the day from A Year in the Old Testament

Devotion for the Commemoration of Henry Melchior Muhlenberg

Today we remember Henry Melchior Muhlenberg, who made a large impact in establishing the first Lutheran synod in North America. As we remember him, we take our devotional reading and prayer from Treasury of Daily Prayer. We also take a reading from the Book of Concord, as suggested in the Treasury of Daily Prayer.

Pentecost 17 Devotion on Confessing Christ

The Epistle for today comes from the apostle Paul in 2 Timothy, where he writes about his suffering and not being ashamed to claim that Christ is his God and redeemer to his friend, Timothy. Our devotional reading is adapted from God’s Word for Today: 1 and 2 Timothy, Titus.  

Devotion for the Commemoration of Jerome

Today the Church commemorates Jerome, Translator of Holy Scripture. Our devotional reading comes from the Treasury of Daily Prayer.

Devotion for the Feast of St. Michael and All Angels

Today the Church celebrates the Feast of St. Michael and All Angels. Perhaps the most well-known biblical angel is Gabriel, who visited Mary to announce she would bear God’s Son, Jesus. Our devotional reading comes from A Year in the New Testament: Meditations for Each Day of the Church Year.