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Deaconess Anna Johnson is a marketing manager at Concordia Publishing House. After graduating from the deaconess program at Concordia University Chicago, she continued her studies at the University of Colorado—Denver in education and human development. She has worked as a church youth director and served a variety of other nonprofit organizations, such as the Lutheran Mission Society of Maryland. Anna loves playing video games and drinking a hot cup of tea almost as much as she loves her cat and her husband.

Recent Posts by Anna Johnson

Devotion on Philemon and Onesimus

Today we consider Paul’s Letter to Philemon about Philemon’s conflict with his slave Onesimus, who had run away. Paul encourages Philemon to reconcile with Onesimus because God has forgiven our sin and reconciled us to Himself.

Aquila, Priscilla, Apollos

Aquila and Priscilla were a husband and wife in the Early Church. When they heard Apollos speak about the baptism of John, they taught him the rest of the story: about Jesus’ incarnation, death, and resurrection.

Jacob (Israel), Patriarch

For today’s devotion, we look at the significance of God changing Jacob’s name to Israel.

The Purification of Mary and the Presentation of Our Lord (Year C)

The Old Testament Reading, 1 Samuel 1:21–28, is our focus today.

St. Titus, Pastor and Confessor (Year C)

Today is the Feast of St. Titus, and we read a devotion on Titus 1:4 from Reformation Heritage Bible Commentary: 1 & 2 Timothy, Titus, Philemon.

The Conversion of St. Paul

We read today a devotion about the conversion of St. Paul that is pulled from Growing in Christ: Middle School Teacher Guide (NT5).

St. Timothy, Pastor and Confessor

Our devotion on the remembrance of St. Timothy today comes from Mentoring: A Tool for Ministry.

Basil the Great of Caesarea, Gregory of Nazianzus, and Gregory of Nyssa

Our devotion today, on the commemoration of Basil and the two Gregorys, comes from History of Theology, Fourth Revised Edition.

J. K. Wilhelm Loehe, Pastor

Today’s devotion for the commemoration of Wilhelm Loehe is from Love Leaves Home: Wilhelm Loehe and the Missouri Synod.

Devotion for the Commemoration of David

Today’s devotion for the commemoration of David comes from Growing in Christ: Lower Elementary Teacher Guide (OT3).

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