Holy Saturday (Year B)

Today’s Old Testament Reading, the account of Daniel and the lions’ den, is our focus. We take our devotion from Portals of Prayer.

Scripture Readings

Daniel 6:1–24
Psalm 16
1 Peter 4:1–8
Matthew 27:57–66

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Devotional Reading

Daniel had seen some pretty fearful things: the destruction of his people, a disembodied hand, prophecies of doom. But the scene we typically picture of Daniel is the one that includes ferocious teeth and fatal claws coming from a den full of lions.

This particular story begins like many of the chapters in Daniel’s life. Daniel is successful and remains faithful toward his ruler du jour and especially toward his constant Lord. Jealous rivals realize that the only way to cross Daniel is to make him choose either his God or his king. These enemies conclude that the only criticism they can find against Daniel would have to involve his faith.

Perhaps this story feels familiar. When blessed with the gift of faithfulness, when enabled to do the right thing, it seems that these very attributes are what bring us condemnation and persecution from the world.

Praise the Lord for fearless Daniel, who could have favored the king over the King of kings. However, this saint was willing to face a violent death for his God. Instead, he was delivered by his God—a God who was willing to face a violent death for all His saints, all the world. And in this death, Jesus went into the den of hell to claim victory over the roaring lion, the devil.


O God, deliver Your saint. Thank You for Your victory! Amen.

Devotional reading and prayer are from Portals of Prayer, October–December 2012, October 25 devotion © 2012 Concordia Publishing House. All rights reserved.


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