Things I Love About My Dad

Daughters have two fathers: their heavenly Father and their human father. Both care for them immensely, but it is human fathers that have the joyful vocation of raising their daughters in the faith and reflecting God’s love for them. Father’s Day is approaching, so I spent time with some friends reflecting on the impact that our fathers have had on our lives and the moments of happiness we experienced growing up. Read their responses below and think about some of your favorite characteristics about your dad.

This month’s download includes five devotions about courageous, faith-filled women of the Bible, compiled by Karen Eck. Build more father-daughter moments centered around Christ by reading and reflecting on these stories together.

Fatherhood: The Best Advice I Ever Received

“The days go slowly, but the years go quickly.”

Dad’s Questionable Lifestyle

Dads, have your children ever asked any of the following questions: “Why is my dad not like other dads? When I look at dad’s lifestyle, why does he live the way he lives? Why does dad live such a questionable life?”

A Letter to my Daughters about Beauty

Dear Daughters,

My Father’s Hands

When I think of my dad, I think of his hands. Classic dad hands—slightly calloused, smell faintly like aftershave, usually holding some kind of barbecue utensil.

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