Things I Love About My Dad

Daughters have two fathers: their heavenly Father and their human father. Both care for them immensely, but it is human fathers that have the joyful vocation of raising their daughters in the faith and reflecting God’s love for them. Father’s Day is approaching, so I spent time with some friends reflecting on the impact that our fathers have had on our lives and the moments of happiness we experienced growing up. Read their responses below and think about some of your favorite characteristics about your dad.

This month’s download includes five devotions about courageous, faith-filled women of the Bible, compiled by Karen Eck. Build more father-daughter moments centered around Christ by reading and reflecting on these stories together.


My father gave up a lot in his life, including an easy climb up the corporate ladder, to ensure that he was a good Christian father. He’s given up countless hours of sleep to drive me across Michigan for softball tournaments or to answer my calls at 2 a.m. when I asked how to fix something silly in my dorm. He has always let me eat his dinner if I didn’t like what I ordered, and even volunteered to kick-start the youth program at my church just so I could be part of a youth group. His selflessness is something I try to emulate in my own life as much as possible, even if I’m still learning how.

Godliness and Humor

A father’s sense of humor, commonly characterized by “dad jokes,” is a staple in father-daughter relationships. Kelly, a copy editor at CPH, finds that her father’s sense of godliness and faith, along with his unending sense of humor, are her favorite traits about her dad. “My favorite thing about my father is that he is a very godly man,” Kelly says. “He’s modeled a strong sense of godliness all throughout my life. He also has a great sense of humor. He actively seeks out the humor in everything.”

Acts of Service

My friend from college, Holly, speaks highly of her father and says that he’s always there for her. While chatting with her a few nights ago, Holly shared how her dad shows love through his acts of service. “He’s there, and he is supporting you on the sidelines, helping coach you during softball games, recording [the game] to show how proud he is of you,” she says. “He’s also there when you need him. You call him and need help with something—just anything—he’s a phone call away, and he will be out there when you call.”

A Quiet Calmness

God instructs moms and dads to teach children through discipline with calmness, and without anger. This can be incredibly difficult when a child’s dreams are different from that of a parent, especially if it takes kids far away from home. For Mindy, one of the customer service representatives at CPH, her dad’s calm demeanor greatly helped when she left her small hometown to attend college. Although her dad wanted her to stay close to home, he supported Mindy’s decision, and she remained strong in her faith. “[His] … calmness … encouraged me to study and live the catechism, rather than quickly memorize so I could pass confirmation class,” Mindy writes. “Calmness that will always support me, even if he doesn’t completely agree, and that quietly led me and my brothers into independence.”  

I know I echo many daughters when I say that my love for my father is unending. But there is always room for good dialogue between fathers and daughters, especially room for conversations about Christ. With this month’s downloadable devotions, start open and honest discussions together about the important and sometimes difficult topics in life that need to be addressed. Let Christ guide your time together through five Bible narratives, including Queen Esther, Ruth, and Mary, the mother of Jesus, to strengthen your relationships with both your earthly father and your heavenly Father.

Click the button below to download five Bible narratives and get started spending more father-daughter time together in Christ. 

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