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Whim Visits: Finding Spontaneity and a Little Less Loneliness this Christmas

One snowy December evening, three of the young adults from our congregation stopped over to visit . . . on a whim. Here is the beauty of a whim visit: it doesn’t leave time for me to consider whether I should clean the house, run to the grocery store, or even change the tablecloth. Whim Visits say, “I love you enough to have zero expectations. You don’t even have to let me in the house if you prefer.”

How to Stick with Your Bible Study Routine during the Holidays

I love the holidays. But they always throw off my groove.

Life gets way more hectic around the holidays: You’re traveling. You’re eating more pie in one week than you do in the entire rest of the year. You’re taking naps instead of exercising. And you’re not doing your daily devotions.