How Being Creative Makes Us Appreciate God

During quarantine, a lot of people I know have been taking up creative hobbies. I’ve seen tons of Instagram posts of people sharing their sourdough bread recipes, knitting projects, and watercolor paintings.

Being creative is definitely a gift from God—a gift that we might not always think of! Creative projects have actually been instrumental in my faith, as it makes me appreciate different facets of God’s character, as well as appreciating all of the blessings He has given me.

What You Need to Know About Bible Journaling

Bible journaling is a thing right now. Instagram is filled with photos of people strategically placing their margin drawings alongside their coffee cup and a vase of flowers.

Free Christmas Marginalia for Bible Journaling

Just in time for Christmas, here are three new margins for you to use in your Journal Bible and Christmas hymn coloring pages. Enjoy!

Journaling Bible Marginalia | Free Download

We hope you are enjoying journaling while you read your Bible. Here are some more great Bible marginalia from Pat Maier. Enjoy!

Bible Journaling: What Might I Put in the Margins?

Marginalia is the ancient term for any words, markings, or drawings added to the blank spaces around the text on the pages of a book. Bible marginalia is nothing new---monks did it, Bach drew inspiration from it, and my grandmother did it. Many of you are already in the habit of adding notes in your margins!

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