Understanding Justification and Sanctification

You’ll find the words justification and sanctification used hand-in-hand in sermons and Christian books, describing what Jesus has done for us. We use these words often, but do we really understand them? The two terms have a nice ring next to each other, but it’s important to differentiate the terms. Keep reading for an overview of what justification and sanctification mean and how both words describe our lives as Christians. 

Prayers for Forgiveness to Help You Turn a New Leaf


There’s never a perfect time to turn over a new leaf in life, but as a Christian, it is always necessary to offer forgiveness. We are meant to show God’s love and Christ’s light to all. Yet forgiveness can be difficult, sometimes seemingly impossible in our sinful and broken world. Are you struggling to find the words to forgive others, whether that’s a fussy child, someone you’ve been on bad terms with, or even yourself? Read below for prayers for forgiveness that can help you bring everything to Him in this new phase of your life. 

Best Biblical Devotions for Your Shelf

Devotionals are a pivotal part of any daily faith enrichment. Just as you try to have conversations with your friends daily, it’s important to keep a conversation going with God the Father so He can guide you in life. He pours His love and grace out to you when you sit with Him through reflection and prayer. Additionally, devotions give you a moment of rest and reset from the busyness of daily life. Come back to God daily with the help of these top ten devotionals that are certain to fit your lifestyle.

Complete List of Church Year Commemorations

As a follow-up to our post on the seasons, feasts, and festivals in the Church Year, we’ve compiled a list of Church Year commemorations to help deepen your understanding. Read below for more information on the Church Year. Then follow the links to learn about each commemoration.

Finding Peace, Hope, and Joy during a Bittersweet Christmas

For many people, Christmas is an exciting time of reuniting with family, spending quality time together, and eating too many cookies.

But for others, it’s a painful reminder of broken families, loss of loved ones, or long distances that separate you.

The Cycle of the Christian Life—Oratio, Meditatio, Tentatio

The longest chapter in the Bible is Psalm 119. The Psalm is divided into twenty-two sections, one for each letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Each section speaks about God’s Word in a vast variety of ways. We hear God’s Word referred to as His precepts, testimonies, Law, statutes, commandments, rules, ways, and of course, Word.

Psalm 119 is a masterpiece of meditation and prayer. It brings the reader or hearer of the psalm back again and again to a love of God’s Word, a delight in learning and understanding more about God.

Heavenly Peace During Advent and Christmas

During Advent and Christmas, we hear about peace. We read Isaiah’s names for the Messiah, including “Prince of Peace.” In Jesus’ birth story, recorded in Luke, the heavenly hosts say, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among those with whom He is pleased!” (Luke 2:14). We sing, “Sleep in heavenly peace” in the hymn “Silent Night, Holy Night” (LSB 363:1).

Complete List of Church Year Feasts and Festivals

As a follow-up to our post on the seasons of the Church Year, we’ve compiled a list of Church Year feasts and festivals to help deepen your understanding. Read below for more information on the Church Year. Then follow the links to learn more about each day.

How Learning the Apostles’ Creed in Mandarin Broadened My Understanding

I had only one semester of Mandarin under my belt (and most of that only half-remembered) when I moved to Taiwan after college to do mission work. My job was to teach English and Bible classes at Concordia Middle School in Chiayi, Taiwan—a school with more than two thousand students, all Taiwanese, the vast majority of whom are not believers when they begin learning at the school.

Emotions: And God Called Them Good

I notice that my dog has a higher tolerance for emotions than I do.

He is a labradoodle, seventy pounds of love and complete unawareness of personal space. He makes himself strangely available when I am sad, when I am anxious, when I am irritable, and when the world is too much and I need some fur to hold on to.

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