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Devotion Remembering Lutheran Missionary and Pastor Friedrich Wyneken

Friedrich Wyneken was born in Germany and immigrated to the New World in 1838. There, he served many German Lutherans who did not have access to pastors or church communities. Wyneken also became the second president of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod.

Historical Devotion for the Commemoration of Athanasius

Athanasius was a fourth-century bishop in Egypt. He is remembered for his conflict with Arius, during which he staunchly preached that Jesus is of one substance with God the Father.

Citizenship in God’s Kingdom: Devotion for St. Philip and St. James

Jesus called Philip to follow Him in John 1:43, and Philip told Nathanael about Jesus. James is “the less,” the one who is not the son of Zebedee.

Books of the Bible Study Questions: Matthew


Devotion about the Meaning of “Son of Man” for Easter 2

Today we look at the Epistle, Revelation 1:4–18, specifically verse 13, in which the term “son of man” is used to refer to Jesus.

These Three Keep Us Together

People know only so much about you. Your neighbors, the people at work, even your friends—they all know only a part of you. However, what they know paints their picture of you.

Devotion for the Feast of St. Mark

Today we remember St. Mark, author of the second Gospel in the Bible. Mark was not actually one of Jesus’ apostles; he wrote his Gospel based on what he learned from apostles like Peter.

Devotion Remembering Johann Walter, the First Lutheran Kantor

Johann Walter helped Luther adapt and create music that worshipers could understand and participate in.

Easter Day Devotion on Luke 24

Christ is risen! God the Father raised His Son from the dead so we can have everlasting life, and He sends us to share this Good News with others. Today we read about the first people God sent to share the Good News of the resurrection: the women who visited the tomb that first Easter morning.

Time between Jesus’ Death and Resurrection: Holy Saturday Devotion

Today we focus on the Gospel of the day, which describes Jesus’ burial and the setting of a guard outside His tomb.