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Today, we commemorate Noah, faithful follower of God through the flood. We take our devotional reading from Courageous Fathers of the Bible: A Bible Study for Men.

Last Sunday of the Church Year Devotion on Creation

Today, on the Last Sunday of the Church Year, we take our Epistle from Colossians 1:13–20. Our devotional reading comes from The Mighty & The Mysterious by Heidi Goehmann.

Elizabeth of Hungary

Today we celebrate Elizabeth of Hungary, revered for her charity. We commemorate her by reading a brief biography, words from Martin Luther, and a prayer from Treasury of Daily Prayer.

Pentecost 23 Reflections on the Last Day

Today, on Pentecost 23, we take our Old Testament Reading from Malachi 4:1–6. Our devotional reading comes from Luther’s Works: volume 18, speaking on the Last Day and the kingdom of Christ. 

Books of the Bible Study Questions: Habakkuk

Habakkuk is one of the minor prophet books of the Bible we traditionally gloss over—it’s only three chapters long, and its prophecies are mostly God responding to Habakkuk’s questions about the impending judgment on Judah.

This book, however, speaks greatly of God’s compassion in the midst of waiting. God is just, and He will avenge sins. But we can also be sure of His grace because of the work of Jesus Christ!

Commemoration of Emperor Justinian

Today, we commemorate Emperor Justinian, Christian ruler and confessor of Christ. We take our devotional reading from Church History: The Basics, speaking historically on Justinian and the debate on the person of Christ in his empire.

Martin of Tours, Pastor

In the biography below, we read about the decision by Martin of Tours to become a monk, becoming “Christ’s soldier.” Our devotional reading for today, from Commentary on Ephesians by George Stoeckhardt, revolves around Ephesians 6:10–17 which speaks of putting on the armor of Christ.

Pentecost 22 Devotion on the Burning Bush

Today, the Twenty-Second Sunday after Pentecost, our Old Testament Reading comes from Exodus 3:1–15. We take our devotional reading from LifeLight Leaders Guide: Exodus, Part 1.

Martin Chemnitz, Pastor and Confessor

Today, we celebrate Martin Chemnitz’s life. Our devotional reading is adapted from his writing on the Lord’s Supper in Chemnitz’s Works, Volume 5.

Johann von Staupitz, Luther’s Father Confessor

We take our devotional reading from a few narrative letters imagined by Neal E. Snider in Sincerely, Luther. While these letters are fictional, they were researched and written from the theology, biography, and published writings of Luther’s life.