Sandra Brese Rice is a project manager, editor, writer, curriculum writer and the Religious Resource Director at Bethesda Lutheran Communities. For the last 17 years, Sandra has had the chance to support people with disabilities with worship and growing in their faith. A former Lutheran school teacher of 13 years, Sandra has always been a storyteller, Her articles, classroom lessons, and devotions usually derive from real-life happenings, silliness, and predicaments she has faced at one time or another. A mother of two, she lives in Western New York with her husband. She is co-author of the devotional Ditch the Mainstream and author of Ethan and God, a children’s book for hospital stays and illness. Sandra enjoys date nights, exploring new places, her Life Group, and photography.

Recent Posts by Sandra Rice

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

"God gave you a special gift. You are so good with those kids." I cringed. She meant well; she was actually trying to support me, compliment me, but the comment ran through my spine and I forced an awkward smile. I did not say anything; I needed a moment to myself before I spoke to my friend again.

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