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Karen Sue Murdy

Karen Sue Murdy loves to encourage and equip women in their faith walk with God. She has rich experience leading Bible studies for women, couples, and specifically to moms. She speaks passionately about her Savior at special women’s events, as she addresses topics that speak to women’s everyday lives. Karen Sue is a clinical certified exercise specialist by profession, attending Concordia University – Ann Arbor, and Central Michigan University. She is a PK (pastor’s kid!) who loves the Lord, her family, sunshine, chocolate, and running. Karen Sue and her husband, David, have four rambunctious sons and reside in WI.

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Exercising, Eating, Stewardship, Lent . . . How are these related?

My friend bought an old, but low mileage, cute Volkswagen Bug. But this car had sat immobile for too long. Almost immediately, the car’s fuel pump failed. Next, the water pump failed. Soon, the belts failed. And so on. Our bodies are very much like that little Bug. If we don’t use them, we lose them, so to speak. They do not function at their best. “Fearfully and wonderfully” God designed our bodies (Psalm 139).  And when we use them by moving (exercising) them, the way God designed, our bodies are amazing. However, if we sit, just like this poor car sat, they fail to be all they can be.

Don Your Exercise Shoes

Don your exercise shoes and hit the shoveled sidewalks, indoor mall, or exercise club—any place you can exercise! It’s December, and although the Exercise ON Challenge is over, hopefully your daily exercise is not. (Read previous posts here, here, here, and here to learn more about the Exercise ON Challenge.)

Thankfulness with the Exercise ON Challenge

Exercise is a privilege not a punishment! Appreciate the fact that you are healthy enough to move your body. During November when we turn our eyes to Thanksgiving, start a thankfulness journal, and as you exercise each day think of five things for which you are thankful that you can write down. Thank God for healthy bodies, strong legs, feet, and toes; for comfortable shoes, hats, and warm jackets; for colorful autumn leaves, rich harvest, and gorgeous sunsets; for exercise bikes, sidewalks, YMCAs, shopping malls, and other places to exercise; for a spouse, children, and friends with whom to exercise; for God’s love, grace, and peace.

Benefits and Barriers for Exercise ON Challenge


Exercise ON Challenge: Encouragement

Are you taking the Exercise ON Challenge with me for the months of October and November? In the almost-nine weeks (61 days) of October and November, can you exercise a total of 1,350 minutes? For added benefits, take the Exercise ON Challenge PLUS and add weight training two days per week. Keep track of your exercise minutes. Rally your family, co-workers, or church members to take the challenge with you. Hold one another accountable. Connect with your friends and family; download and listen to a CPH book; listen to your Bible on an app; memorize Scripture; give thanks; pray.

Exercise ON Challenge

In 2016, we fall woefully short of the activity levels our bodies need to fully function. God “fearfully and wonderfully” designed our bodies to move! Unfortunately, our current environment promotes sedentary lifestyles.