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Hannah is a content marketing specialist at Blue Wheel Media. She currently lives in Michigan, but previously called St. Louis home when she was a copywriter at Concordia Publishing House. On most days, you’ll find her cooking new vegan recipes, running really slowly, and laughing far too loudly.

Recent Posts by Hannah Hansen

Bible Study for Introverts and Extroverts

The Christian community is imperfect. At Bible study, especially if you’ve been in an unchanging group for a while, you start to notice people’s flaws. The little annoyances that just slightly get on your nerves every Thursday evening.

Can Christians Question God?

I ask a lot of questions. Recently, I’ve asked how records work (how do you get the sound of a trumpet verses a voice?), how far apart stars are from each other, and how chlorophyll works in plants.

When It Feels like God Isn’t Hearing Your Prayers

This blog post was adapted from Lutheran Life™, a digital magazine for everyday Christians. Read the full magazine at cph.org/lutheranlife.

Books of the Bible Study Questions: Numbers

The book of Numbers recounts the Israelites' wilderness wanderings on their way to the promised land. Read a brief overview of Numbers and download Bible study questions to help you read through this book.

Importance of Digging Deeper with Your Youth Group

As adults, it’s hard to look at high schoolers and think that they’re deep thinkers like us sophisticated, mature grownups. Surely those teenagers don’t think about anything besides Instagram or prom!

My Father’s Hands

When I think of my dad, I think of his hands. Classic dad hands—slightly calloused, smell faintly like aftershave, usually holding some kind of barbecue utensil.

4 Facts You Might Not Know about the Song of Songs

Many Christians shy away from the Song of Songs. It can certainly be a little intimidating to tackle on your own, and there are a lot of elements in the Song that only add to the complex themes present there.

Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

I don’t remember, but when I was young I know you cared for me. You fawned over my chubby cheeks, made funny faces to make me laugh, and held my hands as I took my first steps. You loved me.

Why I Love the Psalms

I love the Psalms.

When my heart is heavy, when my spirit is light, when I don’t know what in the world God is doing in my life, I turn to the Psalms.

How to Stay Motivated to Read Your Bible

In seasons when your faith feels like a smoldering ember rather than a fully stoked bonfire, it is easy to feel indifferent about your personal Bible study time. How can you stay motivated to read your Bible when that’s the last thing you want to do? Read this post and download one of our free reading guides to get a jump start on your reading this year.

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