Books of the Bible Study Questions: Numbers

The book of Numbers recounts the Israelites' wilderness wanderings on their way to the promised land. Read a brief overview of Numbers and download Bible study questions to help you read through this book.

Introduction to Numbers

The Book of Numbers focuses on the wilderness wanderings of Israel. It begins at Mount Sinai after Moses receives the Ten Commandments and God’s directives for Israel’s worship. After the tabernacle and its furnishings are consecrated, the tribes are counted, and then God leads His people toward the Promised Land. Numbers relates the faithlessness of Israel over forty years of wandering, yet shows God’s faithfulness in providing His people’s needs as He guides them home.

Authorship of Numbers

Moses wrote Numbers in addition to Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, and Deuteronomy.

Purpose of Numbers

For all the world, it must have looked like mass chaos and confusion as Moses and Aaron pushed a million people across the wilderness to the Promised Land. But Numbers shows us that God was watching over His children from the mighty pillar of cloud and fire, ordering them, guiding them through the wilderness, guarding them from harm, providing for all their needs, and making sure not a single child was lost.

Want to learn more about Numbers? Download our free study questions for guided Bible reading.

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