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Editor’s Picks: Last Part of the Church Year

Looking for ideas for music to incorporate into worship this fall? Here are five choices that align with the readings for the last part of the Church Year. Read more about each piece and listen to a preview below.

Holy God, We Praise Thy Name—Hymn Setting I

Jacob B. Weber | Organ and Trumpet

This hymn setting is broad and glorious, perfect for All Saints’ Day and for the feast of St. Michael and All Angels. This setting includes a prelude, two hymn settings, and an interlude leading into an additional hymn setting for the final stanza. The piece was originally published as a festival hymn setting in 2014.

Oh, That the Lord Would Guide My Ways

Benjamin M. Culli | Organ

This calm hymn prelude will help worshipers shut out distractions as they prepare for worship. It would be well used on the Twenty-First Sunday after Pentecost, when the Psalm discusses the peace and security one has when following God. This organ piece was originally published in Hymn Tune Innovations: Five Contemplative Preludes on the Life of Christ in 2011.

“Come, Follow Me,” the Savior Spake

Benjamin M. Culli | Keyboard and C Instrument

This warm, comfortable hymn setting features a detailed keyboard part under the C instrument, which carries a simple version of the tune and makes it easy for worshipers to follow. Consider using this piece on the Twenty-Second Sunday after Pentecost, when in the Gospel reading, Jesus is talking about why people should follow Him rather than the ways of the Pharisees. This piece was originally published in Duo Baroque: Classic Chorale Preludes Arranged for Keyboard and Any Solo Instrument, Vol. 1 in 2014.

Lord, Send Us Out in Peace

Richard Gieseke | Congregation and Organ or Piano

This comforting hymn is lovely for sending worshipers at the end of the service. While it can be used any week, it is especially fitting for the Twenty-Third Sunday after Pentecost. This arrangement includes a part that can be used for organ and piano, as well as a reproducible page for the congregation. It was originally published in 2011 as a gorgeous SATB setting.

Alleluia, Amen

Paul Thomas | Two-Part Treble or Male Voices

This beautiful Alleluia can be sung straight through or as a two-part round. It can be used wonderfully on the Last Sunday of the Church Year, when the Gospel text discusses Jesus coming into His glory in the new creation. It can also be easily adapted for the voices each church has available. This Alleluia was originally published in A Second Morning Star Choir Book in 1965.

Free Sample Service

These pieces are all included in the latest edition of Creative Worship for the Lutheran Parish. This resource provides complete worship services for every Sunday, and it is now available as an online subscription. Try a free service for the Last Sunday of the Church Year!

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Mark Knickelbein

Mark Knickelbein is editor of music/worship at Concordia Publishing House and an active composer and church musician. His compositional focus is on choral, piano, and organ church music. He has a Bachelor of Science in education from Martin Luther College, New Ulm, MN, and a Master of Arts in music from Concordia University Chicago. He previously served Trinity Lutheran in Kaukauna, WI, as principal, teacher, organist, and choir director.

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