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Preparing the Church Sanctuary for Christmas

Dozens of candles, elegant tree decorations, cheery poinsettias—beautiful sanctuary decorations for Christmas highlight the thrill and wonder of Jesus being born in the flesh! Here are some tips from The Altar Guild Manual for decorating your church sanctuary in ways that focus the glory on God and what He has done for us in Christ.

Preparing the Church Sanctuary for Advent

The season of Advent provides a great opportunity to stop and pause, to wait with joyful anticipation for Christmas. While the rest of the world may be singing Christmas carols and decorating trees, the church patiently waits for the coming of Christ. During this time, the altar guild and church office have a special opportunity to help reinforce the message of Advent through the paraments, bulletins, and other adornments that are used in the church sanctuary.

5 Easter Hymns that Deserve a Second Look

Inside the Easter section of Lutheran Service Book, youll find thirty-four hymns for the season. With so many choices, it would be impossible to sing them all on Easter Sunday! But are we in the habit of returning to the same favorites over and over and perhaps neglecting some true gems? Explore our collection of five hymns that you may not be singing on Easter Sunday, or even during Eastertide, and discover why these treasures of the Church deserve a second look. You will be blessed!

Elisabeth Cruciger—First Female Lutheran Hymn Writer

Often, as we recall and recount the events of the Reformation, the focus is on the large sociopolitical movements of the time or the vital theological issues at stake. We tend to forget the people involved were no different from you and me. They knew joy and sorrow, sickness and grief, tragedy and triumph, the daily frustrations of balancing work and home, and the stresses of maintaining friendships and relationships with those around them, and yes, they were people who fell in love. One of those persons was Elisabeth Cruciger. Let’s get to know Elisabeth a bit better.

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