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A Socially-Distant 2020 Call Day

Call Day is one of the high holidays in the life of many LCMS pastors and their families. The months leading up to Call Day are some of the most stressful and exciting and infuriating one can imagine. The game of trying to guess where one might be called is entirely futile, and yet, it can’t be avoided. Soon-to-be pastors and their families are just so excited for the next chapter of their lives to be revealed that it is all they can talk about for months. The time leading up to Call Day is a time of preparation and hope amid chaos. It’s almost as though the season before Call Day is Advent, and Call Day itself is Christmas.

Reflections on Luther's Sacristy Prayer for Pastors

With all the press that comes with being a pastor, it can be hard to focus on your ultimate calling: proclaiming the Word of God. That’s why Martin Luther’s “Sacristy Prayer” has been encouraging your brothers in the ministry for generations—both as you prepare to write sermons and as you stand to deliver those sermons.

What is Call Day?

Every year around this time, our two Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod seminaries are buzzing with excitement over Call Day. Many people in the LCMS—from seminary students and their families, to district presidents, to pastors, to calling congregations—have been anxiously awaiting its arrival. But what exactly is “Call Day”? We asked one of our editors, Rev. Dr. Benjamin Mayes, to explain.