Digging Deeper into Scripture: Mark 4

In Mark 4, Jesus and the disciples are on a boat in the Sea of Galilee when a violent storm arises. Crippled with fear, the disciples wake their sleeping Savior. Jesus takes this opportunity to teach His followers, show His power, and apply mercy. 

Digging Deeper into Scripture: Matthew 15:21–28

The Gospel reading of Matthew 15:21–28 shares how God's salvation plan is unlimited. Although the Gospel is primarily for the Jews, it is also for the Gentiles. Through the confession of sins and belief in the saving work of God’s son, Jesus Christ, both Jews and Gentiles receive His gift of salvation. 

Digging Deeper into Scripture: Acts 2:1–21

As Pentecost approaches, take a few minutes to read Acts 2:1–21, the story of the Holy Spirit descending on the disciples. This passage is the fulfillment of an Old Testament promise and is in response to Jesus’ saving work on the cross.

The Theme and Message of Mark's Gospel

The following excerpt is taken from Dr. James Voelz’s commentary on Mark 1:1–8:26, part of Concordia Publishing House’s Concordia Commentary series.

Disputes over the General Epistles

The following is an excerpt from Lutheran Bible Companion. This selection is from the “The General Epistles” in volume two.

Commentary on Galatians 3:28-29

Concordia Publishing House is pleased to announce the release of its twenty-sixth volume in the Concordia Commentary series: Galatians, by Dr. A. Andrew Das. What follows is Dr. Das’s commentary on Galatians 3:28 and 29.

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