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Preparing for Pastoral Ministry: A Call Day Reflection

Let’s get the basics out of the way. I am the wife of a man who is studying to become a pastor. My husband, Joel, is entering the final stretch of his second year in the master of divinity program at Concordia Seminary. We’re currently waiting for the next step in this seminary process, which is the placement service for vicar and deaconess internships. Anyone who has been through this knows the agony of the wait. It feels so different from any move I’ve made before. I’d like to invite you into an understanding of how we are feeling and ask you to pray for the students and their families during their formation for pastoral ministry.

Why Church Worker Mental Health Matters

Church workers are called by God to apply the Gospel to the most daunting of human experiences. Because of their called vocation, church workers are at increased risk of sadness, despair, stress, frustration, anger, and disappointment.

Top Ten Reasons to Thank Your DCE Today!

Happy June 26! You may be wondering what makes today so special. Well, it’s not National Donut Day, not National Go-to-the-Beach-Day, or even National Campfire Day. However, if you guessed National DCE Day, you are correct! And to show all the wonderful DCEs out there how much we appreciate them we decided to make a list of the Top Ten Reasons you should thank your DCE!

Have You Considered Church Work?

From the time I was young, I was a bit of a planner. Most things in my life were carefully considered—and my professional path was no different. I knew what I would study after high school. I had already decided what university I would attend. I had already identified the job I wanted after graduation. And, if I am completely truthful, none of these things dealt with the Concordia University System, the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, or the church at all. So . . . what happened?

Building Connections between Church Workers and the Community

Working in a church can be time-consuming.

Strike that.

Working in a church is time-consuming.

Call Day Encouragement for Wives

At our LCMS seminaries, Call Day is just around the corner. After four years of preparation, the men will finally find out where they will be called to serve. But the guys aren’t the only ones who are anxiously waiting for this day. For many of these men, there is a wife who has supported, waited, encouraged, and struggled during each step of the seminary journey. Call Day will be no different as they sit in the pews and nervously wait to hear their husband’s name followed by the name of the congregation where they will be sent. How can our ladies prepare for this day? I spoke to several of the gals who went through this process just a year ago. How did they feel? What did they learn in the process? I hope their insights can help us as we move toward Call Day and beyond.

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