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Devotion about Lydia for Easter 6

As we see how God used Lydia to further the mission in Philippi, we think about how He uses us in various ways to further His work.

Devotion Remembering Bede, English Monk and Historian

Today we remember Bede, an English monk who lived in the seventh and eighth centuries. Bede is remembered for his teaching about history and Christian theology.

Devotion Commemorating Esther

Today we remember Esther, the Jewish woman married to King Ahasuerus whom God used to save the Jews from the wrath of Haman.

Small Catechism Devotion about the Apostles’ Creed

A wellspring of hope, comfort, and encouragement, Luther’s Small Catechism has served as a devotional for centuries. Devotions on the Small Catechism builds on the catechism’s historical use and enhances its Gospel-centered message, helping Christians bridge the gap between the catechism and real life. This post is an excerpt from the book; at the end of the post, you can order the book to get seventy more devotions like this one.

Devotion Commemorating Constantine and His Mother, Helena

Today we remember fourth-century Roman emperor Constantine and his mother, Helena. Constantine legalized Christianity and stopped the persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire.

Devotion about Psalm 148 for the Fifth Sunday of Easter

Today we focus on the Psalm of the Day and how it talks about God as Creator.

6 Toxic Friendships and How Teens Can Deal with Them as Christians

This post is an excerpt from my newest Bible study, Shine: Sparkling with God’s Love.

 Toxic friendships can cause so much darkness in your world. They can make you feel angry, frustrated, vengeful. How can you, as a young Christian woman, deal with these friendships in a way that reflects God’s love? Here is an (incomplete) list of some toxic friendships and how you can rely on God to help you share His love with friends who need it.

“God Will Wipe Away Every Tear”: Easter 4 Devotion

Today we focus on the reading from Revelation 7, specifically the message in verse 17.

Devotion about Missions to Remember Cyril and Methodius

Cyril and Methodius were ninth-century missionaries who brought God’s Word to the Slavs in their own language.

Persevering through Life’s Challenges: Women’s Bible Study

This post is adapted from Perseverance: Praying through Life’s Challenges, a new women’s Bible study by Donna Pyle focusing on the Book of Nehemiah.

My perseverance journey started several months ago as I stepped on the scale after yet another failed “healthy lifestyle” attempt. The egregious number blaring up at me seemed to confirm the lie I had already believed for years: This is just who I am.