Devotion the for Sixth Sunday of Easter (Year C)

As we see how God used Lydia to further the mission in Philippi, we think about how He uses us in various ways to further His work. Our devotional reading for today comes from the Arch Book Lydia Believes.

Scripture Readings

Acts 16:9–15
Psalm 67
Revelation 21:9–14, 21–27
John 16:23–33 or John 5:1–9

Devotional Reading

Although Lydia’s story in the Book of Acts is brief, Luke includes it as an example of how Jesus’ promise of salvation and the work of the Holy Spirit are for all people.

During his second missionary journey, around AD 50, Paul traveled to the European continent to preach the Gospel to Gentiles. In Philippi, in what is now Greece, Paul joined a small group of Jews who were gathered to worship God. He preached to them about Jesus, the promised Savior. Lydia, a Gentile believer, was there. She came to faith and was baptized. She convinced Paul and those with him (Silas and Timothy) to be guests in her home, which then became the headquarters of Paul’s ministry in that area.

Lydia is thought to be the first European on record to be converted to the Christian faith. This is significant in itself. But her greater legacy is that she was a woman of influence. Her position as a merchant put Lydia in contact with many people. That meant she could—and likely did—share her faith with them.

Like Lydia, we can share our faith and serve the Lord wherever we are—at home, at work, at school—and trust that God’s will is gracious and will be done.

Devotional reading is from the Arch Book Lydia Believes, page 16 © 2014 Concordia Publishing House. All rights reserved.


Spread the reign of God the Lord,
Spoken, written, mighty Word;
Ev’rywhere His creatures call
To His heav’nly banquet hall.

Tell how God the Father’s will
Made the world, upholds it still,
How His own dear Son He gave
Us from sin and death to save.

Tell of our Redeemer’s grace,
Who, to save our human race
And to pay rebellion’s price,
Gave Himself as sacrifice.

Tell of God the Spirit giv’n
Now to guide us on to heav’n,
Strong and holy, just and true,
Working both to will and do.

Enter, mighty Word, the field;
Ripe the promise of its yield.
But the reapers, oh, how few
For the work there is to do!

Lord of harvest, great and kind,
Rouse to action heart and mind;
Let the gath’ring nations all
See Your light and heed Your call.

Hymn text is LSB 830.

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