Devotion on Psalm 16 | Proper 8–Year C

The appointed Psalm for today is Psalm 16. Our devotional reading comes from Martin Luther’s First Lectures on Psalms, as found in Psalm by Psalm: 365 Selected Readings from Martin Luther.

Devotion on Luke 8:26–39 | Proper 7–Year C

The Gospel reading for the today accounts Jesus healing a man possessed by a legion of demons.

Devotion for Pentecost Day | Year C

As we celebrate the Day of Pentecost today, we remember another biblical incident involving language: the tower of Babel, which is discussed in today’s Old Testament Reading. Our devotion comes from LifeLight: Genesis, Part 1—Leaders Guide.

Reading for the Seventh Sunday of Easter (Year C)

Today’s reading focuses on the Gospel of the day and talks about how Christians are all one body in Christ. Our devotion is from Luther’s Works, Volume 69 (Sermons on the Gospel of St. John Chapters 17–20).

Devotion the for Sixth Sunday of Easter (Year C)

As we see how God used Lydia to further the mission in Philippi, we think about how He uses us in various ways to further His work. Our devotional reading for today comes from the Arch Book Lydia Believes.

Devotion for the Fifth Sunday of Easter (Year C)

Today we focus on the Psalm of the Day and how it talks about God as Creator. Our devotion comes from Blessed Is the Man: Psalms of Praise.

Devotion for the Fourth Sunday of Easter (Year C)

Today we focus on the reading from Revelation 7, specifically the message in verse 17. Our devotion comes from Hope When Your Heart Breaks: Navigating Grief and Loss.

Devotion for The Third Sunday of Easter (Year C)

Today we read about the Gospel, John 21:1–19, in which Jesus asks Peter, “Do you love Me?” Our devotion comes from LifeLight: John, Part 2—Leaders Guide.

Reading for the Second Sunday of Easter (Year C)

Today we look at the Epistle, Revelation 1:4–18, specifically verse 13, in which the term “son of man” is used to refer to Jesus. Our devotion is from Concordia Commentary: Revelation.

Devotion on Luke 24 for Easter Sunday

Christ is risen! God the Father raised His Son from the dead so we can have everlasting life, and He sends us to share this Good News with others. Today we read about the first people God sent to share the Good News of the resurrection: the women who visited the tomb that first Easter morning. Our devotion comes from LifeLight: Luke, Part 2—Leaders Guide.

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