A Season of Mourning

My grandmother (who we lovingly called Mema) used to say, “There is a time for everything—a season for every stage—an ending for every beginning.” It reminds me of these words from Ecclesiastes 3:

Subtle Sins

Growing up, I thought I was pretty much the perfect kid. Even in high school, I was always the good kid—I even got voted “Parent’s Dream Child” my senior year of high school. (Yes, I know that’s not a “Most Likely To” award, but hey, it’s a small town and you gotta take what you can get.)

Devotion for the Fifth Sunday in Lent (Year C)

Today we focus on the Epistle, Philippians 3:4b–14, with a devotion from A Year in the Word.

Lean In to Jesus this Lent

Imagine you’re sitting next to a friend at an incredibly loud sporting event. As everyone is cheering on their team, you’re trying to tell your friend that you’re going to get some more popcorn. Maybe you try to yell, but they still don’t hear you. So you lean in close, tell them where you’re going, and stand up to get some snacks.

Ash Wednesday and Its Significance

On Ash Wednesday, we recognize that the consequence of our sin is death, and it is only through our Lord Jesus that we can gain eternal life.

Devotion for the Second Sunday in Lent (Year B)

We focus on the Epistle today with an excerpt from Reading Romans with Luther.

Year A Reading for the Fourth Sunday in Lent

Our devotional reading for the Fourth Sunday in Lent comes from a sermon in Concordia Pulpit Resources.

Third Sunday in Lent

Today’s devotional reading focuses on the Epistle and comes from Saved by Grace: A Study of Christian Doctrine—Student Book.

Second Sunday in Lent

Our devotional reading this Sunday focuses on the Gospel text and comes from Concordia Commentary: John 1:1–7:1.

Exercising, Eating, Stewardship, Lent . . . How are these related?

My friend bought an old, but low mileage, cute Volkswagen Bug. But this car had sat immobile for too long. Almost immediately, the car’s fuel pump failed. Next, the water pump failed. Soon, the belts failed. And so on. Our bodies are very much like that little Bug. If we don’t use them, we lose them, so to speak. They do not function at their best. “Fearfully and wonderfully” God designed our bodies (Psalm 139). And when we use them by moving (exercising) them, the way God designed, our bodies are amazing. However, if we sit, just like this poor car sat, they fail to be all they can be.

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