5 Bible Verses to Say Aloud When You Have Doubt

Have you ever been through a season where life didn’t go as planned? Maybe a vacation you planned was canceled or a cruise was postponed. Or maybe you didn’t get into your top school for college. Most of us have gone through a season where life took an unexpected turn. It can cause pain from unmet expectations, make us stress, and even cause us to doubt the Lord’s goodness.

Yup. Sometimes situations in life can cause us to doubt God.

5 Bible Verses to Cling to for Comfort

In the past few weeks, you’ve likely heard a lot of words—words such as pandemic, fear, quarantine, isolation, or even emergency. But the words you should heed the most are those of God’s Word. This is where He gives true, everlasting comfort and strength to His people. In the coming weeks, despite school closures and social distancing, cling to these five Bible verses that offer comfort and hope, even amid times of darkness. Write them on a mirror. Save them in a note on your smartphone. Or even share them on social media!

Meaning of 6 Popular Verses in Matthew

We took a look at six popular verses in the Book of Matthew, and did some digging in the three volumes on Matthew in the Concordia Commentary series to get some greater context and understanding of them!

11 Ways to Help Kids Memorize Scripture

Children memorize many things word for word without realizing it. They know the words of hundreds of songs on the radio, many which are not worth memorizing. Children memorize jingles from commercials on television and radio, hours of exact dialogue from their favorite Disney movies, and the biographies and statistics of players from their favorite sports teams. How do they do it? Repetition! It works.

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