Ted Kober, a Certified Christian Conciliator TM since 1992, reconciles personal disputes, lawsuits, and church conflicts. He has published numerous resources and taught reconciliation on six continents. Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, awarded Ted a doctor of letters degree, honoris causa, for his writing, speaking, and impact to the global church. Dr. Mark Rockenbach (MDiv, MA, PhD) is associate professor of practical theology at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, where he also directs various programs. Previously, he served as a parish pastor, an executive for church worker health and reconciliation, and a mental health counselor. Mark and his wife, Darlene, have three children, Joshua, Rachel, and Andrew.

Recent Posts by Ted Kober and Mark Rockenbach

Three Reasons It Is Difficult to Repent

Turning from your sins, wrongdoings, and difficulties is hard for even the most devout Christian. Sometimes the sin doesn't feel all that serious, or it just feels good to do it. Other times we fear appearing weak by admitting our failures. Still other times we think we can avoid the consequences of our sins if we don't own up to them. Are you finding it difficult to repent? Read this blog post adapted from Unforgivable? How God’s Forgiveness Transforms Our Lives  to see three reasons you might be finding it hard to repent. 

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