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Written by

Rebekah Janke

Rebekah lives with her husband, Tim in Dickinson, ND. She spends her time teaching 6th graders. When she’s not in the classroom, she enjoys spending time with her family and dogs, playing violin, and reading.

Recent Posts by Rebekah Janke

Love Defined by Jesus

Love is a tricky word to define. The world has one definition of love. God’s Word has another. With these differing definitions, how do we define love? How can we know what’s true?

Preparing for the Long Anticipated

This month, my husband and I will bring home a long-anticipated gift. To say that we have gone through the checklist to be as prepared as possible would be an understatement. The nursery furniture has been carefully assembled. The clothes, blankets, and covers have been delicately washed and folded. The words of countless books and devotionals have been fully digested. The hospital bag and diaper bag have been packed and carefully checked. The car seat has been appropriately installed and inspected. The freezer has been packed full with ready-to-eat meals. Rockers, bouncers, and play mats litter the impeccably clean home. We know not the day or time that Baby will arrive, but we are prepared. When something is long anticipated, you prepare for it.

Your Savior is Bigger Than Your Sin

It is dawn, and the Man everyone has been talking about has come again to teach at the temple. As the people around Him eagerly hang on to His words of truth, they see a disturbance in the crowd around them. They see a parade of decorated religious leaders, heads held high, making their way toward Jesus. In their band, a disheveled woman with flushed cheeks hidden behind unkempt hair can be spotted. As they approach Jesus, the men pompously throw this humiliated woman at his feet. They then inform Jesus that this woman has been caught in adultery and they remind Jesus that the Law of Moses commands she be stoned.

You Shall Teach Them to Your Children

More and more as I get older, I hear my parents coming out of my mouth and I see their idiosyncrasies in my actions. When I was a child, I would have rolled my eyes at their phrases or “dorky parenty” ways. But now I have to laugh and sometimes even send a quick text to my brothers when this happens.

Through the Valley of Suffering

One of our favorite things about where my husband, two dogs, and I live is our close proximity to the beautiful badlands of North Dakota. On the occasional free weekend, the four of us enjoy venturing out onto some public land and getting a good hike in. Since our first trip out, I have learned what to expect. However, that first trip was a learning curve for me.

Claiming our Labels

Adulthood . . . apparently it officially begins at the rightful age of 18. Eight. Teen. I guess you go to bed an adolescent one night and the next morning wake up an adult. Bam! Just like that. Done.

The Big Mac Attack

When the second trimester of my pregnancy had just begun, I was home alone for the weekend as my husband was out of town for a work conference. As I worked around the house throughout the day, I was watching the Olympics. Because I was streaming the events from an app, I saw and heard the same three commercials all day. One of those commercials was for the Big Mac. The more I saw this commercial for the Big Mac, the more my craving for it grew. At lunchtime, I resisted and opted for a healthier meal option that I knew was more beneficial for my growing baby. By the time supper came around though, I didn’t feel like cooking for just myself, so I resolved to get the Big Mac.